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Level 1

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If you want to work in the creative industries, but need to gain more skills, then this Level 1 course is the perfect way to get started.

. you will...

Develop your skills using computers and social media to boost your profile.
Find out how the creative industries work and the types of jobs that are available.
Produce ideas for developing a creative product or business from music to games and media.
Gain self-management skills and strategies for success.
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discover MORE...

  • Start your creative career
  • Get Industry experience
  • Get a qualification
  • Duration & Fees
  • Entry Requirements & Signing Up
Start your
creative career

Choosing this Level 1 Creative Careers course is the beginning of your journey into the creative industries.

The creative sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the UK economy and a great and exciting place in which to work.

This Creative Careers course can lead onto:

  • Our Level 2 courses in Games, Media and Music.
  • Employment, or self-employment, in the creative industries.
  • A creative apprenticeship as a stepping stone to work.
Get Industry experience

Being at Access is so much more than just doing a course. You will have the chance to get first-hand experience of the music and creative industries.

Here are some of the opportunities you can take advantage of:

  • EVENTS: You’ll get opportunities to showcase your work.
  • MUSIC GLUE: Music Glue is a global direct-to-fan platform used by 26,000 artists worldwide to sell tickets, merchandise, music and more direct to their audience from one customisable website.
  • DISTRIBEAT: A partnership with worldwide distribution company, Distribeat, which allows you to market your music through all major online stores including iTunes.
  • MASTERCLASSES: Access promotes industry masterclasses by creative industry players.
  • TWINE: All our students get free Twine membership, which is an online platform allowing creative people to collaborate on projects and earn money!
  • FOCUSRITE: Access is proud of its partnership with Focusrite. You will have the chance to get your hands on over £500 of FREE Focusrite audio plug-ins, supported by special Focusrite workshops.
Get a qualification

On successful completion you will get a recognised qualification which you can add to your creative CV:

  • BTEC Level 1 Workskills Diploma


Duration & Fees
  • The Level 1 Creative Careers course lasts for one year.
  • This course is for 16-18 year olds only and is completely FREE
  • It is usually delivered over three to four days per week from September to June (daytime). How long you are in college will depend on what additional English and Maths sessions you need to attend.



Entry Requirements
& Signing Up

Applying for this Creative Careers course is easy.

All you need to do is fill in our online application form and we will get back in touch with some suggested dates of when we can meet up to discuss it further.

  • SKILLS SET: There are no formal requirements other than a passion for creative work and desire to gain skills. However, you will need to have no qualifications higher than Level 1. Please note you will not be able to enrol if you will be under the age of 16 on 31st August. Applications from people under this age are still welcome, but will be deferred to the following year.


  • INTERVIEW: You will be invited for a chat to discuss how the course may best work for you..Here are some of the qualities we are looking for:
    • An interest, or passion, for creative work.
    • A desire to re-engage in education.
    • A willingness to improve and develop.
    • No previous qualifications higher than Level 1.
    • You are able to begin studying on the agreed start date.


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