success story Abigail Blake

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Back in 2013, Abigail Blake studied Level 4 Artist Development at the Norwich. She is now a songwriter, a fully DIY artist, a music producer, studio engineer and works in marketing for a music-related company. And if that wasn’t enough she is also currently assisting in the organisation of a music festival!

Abigail currently works in SEO & Marketing at Viva La Visa, which is known for organising the visas for a number of A-List celebrities.

‘It’s a company which sorts our visa, passport and immigration hassle for the famous. We’ve worked with everyone from Ed Sheeran to Stormzy and Kings of Leon to One Direction. We ensure that they and their whole teams are able to get into countries at the border and have the correct documentation – we get to see a lot of celebrity passport photos!’

Alongside all the A-listers, Viva La Visa has also worked with Lets Eat Grandma, which for those who don’t know, are currently studying Level 3 Music Performance at Norwich!

Abigail also writes, records and produces her own music under the name Hydra Lerna. Through her music, she highlights a number of topics which are often looked passed in everyday society. 



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Hydra Lerna plays Clean Like You