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Rebekah is a DJ and producer who has made herself well known in the world of techno, since taking control of her first DJ turntable 20 years ago.

Rebekah’s love for techno started at the legendary Que Club in Birmingham and in 2007 she signed up for Access’s Music Technology – Production course.

‘When I first started out there wasn’t really any production courses like this. I’d be learning from different people, different producers, but I could never get the sound I was after. So I decided to go to college to learn the skills and it’s the best thing I could have done. The course was fantastic and I’d recommend it to anyone!’

Since then has been welcomed with open arms into the world of techno, playing at many big clubs, including Berghain, Concrete, Awakenings, Tomorrowland and Jaded.

Rebekah began her production career with EPs on Naked Lunch, Smut Music and Cult Figures. In 2013, her mix of Reconnected 03 gave her huge recognition.

Rebekah has now relocated to Berlin, which has been transformed into the techno capital of the world, making it a given that her career will fly even higher!



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Interview with Rebekah