success story Young States

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Georgia, Libby, Amy and Molly formed the Young States after meeting at Access Norwich while studying Music Performance.

‘We wanted to learn more about ourselves and be surrounded by other people with the same passion. Without Access, we would never have existed’.

Young States are an Alt-Rock girl band who are influenced by Brand New, Mallory and Arcane Roots.

They have been listed in the ‘AlreadyHeard’s’ 50 bands to watch in 2017, after the success of their EP Down To You which was released in 2015.

Down To You was played both regionally and nationally across both TV and radio.

They are releasing their second EP later this year. In support of that, they are continuing to gig and promote.

To find out what they are up to, head to their Facebook page. After all, they have been named the ones to watch – so get watching.



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Young States play Feedback from their debut EP