10 Self-Care Tips For A Happier You

Access Creative is going full-force this Mental Health Awareness Month in the fight against the stigma.

We have put together some of what we believe are the top tips to maintain self-care starting now. There are so many different things you can do which may make you feel a little bit better each day. Here’s our suggestions…

TIP 1 – Tidy up

Yes, you probably hear the same words from a parent/flat mate but this is a legitimate act of self-care for everybody out there. Clear room – clear mind. Make your bed, put the clothes away that you trip over each morning, take those empty glasses back to the kitchen and if you’re feeling extra productive maybe move your furniture around for a new bedroom look.

TIP 2 – Listen to your favourite music

Everybody has a song out there that cheers them up whether it’s calming, motivational, too loud to hear your thoughts or too cheesy to admit you like it – a secret guilty pleasure. Singing this song at the top of your lungs will release built up emotions and allow you to be in your own world where nothing else matters.

TIP 3 – Complete small tasks

Send that text you’ve been putting off for weeks, call a grandparent, bake a cake and eat it (maybe not all of it), walk to the local shop and explore the shelves or maybe even just wake up, wash your face and get ready for the day. Any small task is an accomplishment and will give you a sense of pride and a purpose for that day.

TIP 4 – Write it down

This can literally be anything. You could start a new self-help journal where you write down your thoughts for the day, positive and negative, this takes them out of your head and onto paper. If this isn’t for you then make a simple to-do list for each day that you aim to complete by the evening, again this stops these thoughts racing around your head and puts them into a visual format.

TIP 5 – Talk

Who do you trust and admire most in your life? Reach out to people for a chat about anything you feel like talking about, the weather, how you’re feeling, whether you think a burger and fries is better than pizza and nachos. Talking keeps your mind busy and opening up allows you to relieve a weight that has been on your shoulders.

TIP 6 – Exercise

We all know we should probably do a bit more of this and in terms of self-care it increases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals whilst reducing the level of stress hormones. This doesn’t mean go and grab a local gym membership and train everyday, it’s just a suggestion that going for a run, bike-ride, walk or doing a little bit of yoga may help in your self-care journey.

TIP 7 – Take a shower or have a bath

This is all about feeling refreshed and revitalised, it can be a quick rinse in the shower or an ideal setup of a hot bath with Netflix playing from your laptop.  

TIP 8 – Switch off your phone

We are all constantly plastered to our phones whether it’s on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp. Take a break from it and turn it off for a couple of hours, you won’t miss out on anything major other than maybe another Kardashian having a baby. It’s healthy to switch off from the world every so often.

TIP 9 – Make a warm drink

There is nothing that can’t be solved with a hot drink and maybe a couple of biscuits. There’s obviously the classics of tea and coffee but why not push the boat out out to a hot chocolate, warm vimto or herbal tea? Sit back, relax and enjoy.

TIP 10 – Unfollow/mute those ‘Negative Nellies’

If you’re scrolling through Twitter and you read a tweet that you feel is unnecessarily negative and has affected your mood, unfollow the account. There is absolutely no harm in having a spring clean of your following list in order to maintain a positive attitude and feel good perspective on the world.