A day at the Yogscast

The Yogscast, in their own words are a, ‘Minecraft and multiplayer comedy gaming with a silly dwarf, a handsome spaceman and the rest of the Yogscast family!’

Based in Bristol, their offices, also known as Yogscast Studios, are every gamers dream. Equipped with a VR room, gaming studio, editors suite and of course a fully stocked fridge!

When we headed down, we were greeted by a bright red reception with a The Yogscast sign flashing in different neon colours – an immediate thumbs up from marketing team!

After a tour around the headquarters (and a few free refreshments later), it was time to talk to the Yogscast family!

You can watch the full interview on our Facebook @accesstogames, but here’s a little taster for you.

First up we had Ryan Horton who got into media and games because he ‘likes making stuff’. He is from the channel Overwatch Central who have recently joined Yogscast. Overwatch came out last year and is an FPS game by Blizzard who make games like World of Warcraft.

‘It’s their newest IP in about 20 years and of course is one of the most popular games of the year. We were really excited for the game which is why we started making videos on it. We never expected the be making videos daily, a year on. It’s become our lives and I completely love what we do’.

Next up we spoke to Mark Hulmes, the king of tabletop games, who loves dungeons and dragons! It all started with the playing the first RPG’s like The Legend of Zelda where they had ‘cool unique worlds’. Now he is a full time content creator for The Yogscast!

We were then introduced to another content creator. This time we spoke to Martin Littlewood who’s YouTube channel is @inthelittlewood. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Saga mega drive which sparked his love for all things game – talk about a throwback!

His advice to anyone wanting to get into the gaming industry is ‘make sure that you actively collaborate with people to spread your name and brand. Find a niche and work with it. A lot of people when they start try and mimic people they watch’.

We asked them loads of exciting questions from, who would they want to voice them if they were a gaming character to which gaming world the want to live in. Want to know what they said? You know what to do.

Then it was time to represent all you girl gamers!  We spoke with Nina, the illustrator for The Yogscast to find out all about her role. Needless to say she is a ‘jack of all trades.’

Nina studied animation at university and was always a huge fan of character illustration. It was her strong online presence and dedication to getting herself noticed that led to her being headhunted by The Yogscast. She is now responsible for their fan art and merchandise.

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