A day in the life of a Digital Marketer

Working in Digital Marketing is exciting. It’s quick, creative and constantly changing. To tell you more about it, we went straight to the source.

Harry Hugo is only 23 and is the founder of The Goat Agency. Goat is a leading influencer marketing agency, which means they work with brands to develop influencer marketing campaigns to drive anything from awareness and engagement to downloads and purchases. They work with brand such as Coca-Cola and British Airways.


Harry Hugo Goat Agency


Have a read and find out all about a day in Harry’s life, as a digital marketer…

7.30 – 8.30 – Waking up, checking social media and getting a quick report on the last days numbers.

8.30 – 9.30 – Morning workshop with the team to share learnings from different departments, today it’s how we guarantee client deliverables and working out what metrics, like video views and engagements, we can deliver.

9.30 – A client phones, they want to discuss our services and our work in the US, I talk them through our services and we agree to discuss further in an email.

10.00 -10:20 Phone calls with influencers, setting them up to work in our future campaigns and co-creating content for their channels and our clients. Phone call with a major online publisher, we discuss how work is going and agree to meet up for lunch sometime next week.

11.00 – Creative meeting – a client has requested an innovative and new content creation plan for their campaign, what can we create content that is on-brand, reaches their audience and showcases the value of their product.

12.00 – Lunch with a new client… We can’t disclose their name just yet but watch this space! They want a global campaign across Sao Paolo, Mexico, Hong Kong, New York, Canada and more. We’ll need to get a team together and select the right influencers to get involved.

2:00 – Taxi ride to Customer Engagement Summit, time to review the deck and do last minute checks on the talk.

2:15 – 2:25 – Client calls whilst setting up the presentation, they would like to know more about our services. I do a pitch and pass them over to our Head of Client Services, Alex. The talk starts in soon, time to tweet about it and see if any of my network are at the event

2.30 – Deliver the presentation, there’s a crowd of around 100 people and they laugh in the right places, meaning it has gone well.

3.30 – Next talk is a panel session to discuss how businesses are implementing customer experience solutions digitally.

3.50 – The event is over and I’ve got over 50 WhatsApp from team, time to get back to the office

4.00 – CRISIS MEETING: Client wants a campaign in 40 minutes, time to get moving and launch a video campaign on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram NOW!

4.40 – The campaign has been live for 3 minutes, it’s already doing well

5.00 – Monitor our new campaign, it is trending on twitter but how can we promote it further? Create follow up content to support the initial content and work with influencers to post it instantly.

5.30 – Meet with our HR manager and directors, we need new team members to help us deliver the high volumes of work we’re now bringing in.

6.00 – Post out to LinkedIn for our new team members, a few recruiters get in touch and I pass them on to our HR Manager, Amber

6.20 – Time to get changed and head to our five-a-side football match

6.30 – Play in the client league, playing with some of the team from the office and some influencers we work with, against some teams from our clients. A great way to unwind the day.

A day in the life of Harry is hectic, exciting and challenging, as decisions he makes have never been made before.

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