A Day in the Life of an Artist Development Student

‘The Artist Development course has helped me identify a vision of who I am as an artist’.

For those of you who don’t know, our Artist Development course deconstructs a music artist and teaches them to build themselves back up in a way that will enhance their music, brand and appeal. It also teaches them how to promote themselves, build up repertoire, promote themselves and develop their fanbase. Sounds exciting right?

Access caught up with Jack, an Artist Development student in York, to find out all about his day at college.

5:30am:​ I start my day bright and early. I get up and do my paper round which gets me ready for the day.

6:30am:​ I have my morning coffee and breakfast to wake me up and fuel me for the productive day ahead.

8:00am:​ Time to go to college. I get the train from Darlington to the fine city of York with people from my course who also travel. This is my time to relax and chill before the day of work begins.

9:00am:​ The first lesson of the day is Deconstruction which is where we de-construct ourselves as an artist and find out who we really want to be, by picking the elements of our previous music experience that we like and dislike. This is the lesson where I figured out the artist I wanted to be, which is a solo artist called Veinte. I also found the vibe I wanted to portray, by not only deconstructing myself as an artist, but also analysing my personality and letting it shine through more in my music.

11:00am: Time to go to my tutorial. This is where we get together with our course leaders and discuss any issues we have with the course itself, or with us as artists. or even us personally. This is the time where we can express how we are feeling and get it off our chests. This is useful as being in the music industry can be stressful, so having this time allows us to be the most productive we can be and not let anything bother us while we are constructing ourselves

1:00pm:​ Lunchtime! I sit with friends, chill out and get some food.

1:30pm:​ I then go into my third lesson of the day, Brand Development. This is where we learn what a brand is and make the plan from where we are to where we want to be. So for me, I’m planning an EP launch to get my music out there, heard and appreciated.

3:30pm:​ My final lesson of the day is, Showcase. We discuss potential ideas for events and what we could do to make ourselves stand out from everyday artists.

5:30pm:​ College has finished and I am now on my way to the train station to get the train home.

7:00pm:​ I’ve just got home. My mum has dinner ready for me to eat when I get in.

8:00pm​: Dinner finished and time to do any outstanding coursework. If no coursework is due, I would work on my own project as I have the privilege to have Logic at home. This means I can create my own music from the comfort of my room.

11:00pm​: I’m tired and exhausted from getting up so early. Time for bed ready to repeat the day again.

If you want a future as music artist, this could be the course for you!