A talk with Andy Copping

Andy Copping has worked in the music industry for over 30 years. He is the festival booker for Download Festival and promoter for Live Nation. A selection of ACC Lincoln students had exclusive access to an intimate talk with Andy himself. 

The seating was filled with eager students ready to hear about how Andy’s start in the business, any industry insights and advice from the festival king himself.

How he got started

Andy started out in the music industry as a huge music lover anyway, coming from a rock background, he organised a rock night on a tuesday evening at his local pub. He started off by playing live at Rock City and then began giving advice on bookings a couple of years down the line. After that Rock City asked him to go and work for them full time and focus on booking bands. So from 1991 he went from working an ordinary 9-5 job and playing a DJ set on Tuesday to working full time in the music industry booking bands as big as KISS, Iron Maiden, Slip Knot and many more.


  1. Start small, Go to a small venue/ club and offer your time, free of charge in the first instance. 
  2. Make yourself available, make sure you’re willing where they can’t do without you. 
  3. Make as many contacts as you can, ensuring you have contacts to take with you all throughout life. 
  4. Make yourself a good person, as finding people nowadays are so hard.

What keeps him motivated 

“Definitely, without a doubt the passion, the music lover that started out working in that pub back in 1980, I’m still that person. I absolutely love the music industry and what it can give to others”. Andy loves music and how it can change and affect people’s emotions and feelings, no matter what genre. The love and interest in the industry that he works in helps keep him motivated.