A weekend at EGX

Last weekend saw EGX, the UK’s biggest gaming event, return to London. EGX gives attendees the chance to experience major unreleased blockbuster games, hundreds of indie games and much more.


Thousands of games fanatics headed to the ExCeL for all things games. From Sega to Nintendo Switch to PlayStation and pinball, EGX had it all. In true EGX style, attendees were greeted by the iconic PlayStation control keys. 


As always, PlayStation came out in full force with their biggest ever stand. Virtual Reality cages, the chance to play Predator Hunting Grounds and competitions, you name it, they had it. Taking inspiration from the final game in the Crystal Maze, they were also giving people the chance to win one months subscription to PlayStation Plus. For those of you who aren’t all enough to remember Crystal Maze, they were put in a large tube which was full of PlayStation tickets. These were predominately blue with the odd golden ticket. Whilst the wind machine blew the tickets around the tube, they have to grab the gold one to win the prize. Trust us, it’s much harder than it sounds!


And let’s not forget the cosplay! We saw The Legend of Zelda, Homefront and loads more. @LeeleetheBunny a professional cosplayer, took over the cosplay stage to teach us all about the importance of posing in your outfit. She talked about camera angles, being at one with your surroundings and what to do with your props. We didn’t realise that so much needs to be thought about to get that one incredible image which shows off your outfit in all its glory!


But we need to remember, that even though technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, it’s never fully out with the old. The Retro Zone allowed us to experience gamings rich past. In this zone you could get your hands on Vectrex and Amstrad GX4000, old pinball and arcade machines, as well as bestsellers such as the Super Nintendo and original PlayStation.


Gamers were also given the chance to meet their heroes through meet and greets. These included Dicebreaker, MrRoflWaffles and Eurogamer.  And not forgetting to astronomical amount of merchandise! 


Overall, EGX once again exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to return next year!