ACC Degrees: It’s a (HE)at wave! FdSc Audio and Music Technology

Of course there’s more to music than writing, recording and performing music, and if your passion lies in Audio and Production, we’ve got you covered.

Our two year FdSc Audio & Music Technology course is in partnership with Nottingham Trent University, practical and vocational and perfect for anyone that has finished Music Production or Tech college courses and wants that next challenge!

You will study:

  • Audio Production Technology – Practical studio recording techniques are the name of the game in this module. You’ll get to grips with the developments in audio technology that have changed the way music and sound is created, edited and manipulated, and you’ll learn the latest and greatest in music software tools and approaches for mixing music. 
  • Electronic Music Production – Learn everything you’ll need to know and more about producing electronic music, both analogue and digital, including mixing, sampling, sequencing and so much more.
  • Audio & The Music Industry – We’ll also get you up to speed with industry trends, observing how technological changes impact the way music tastes move. We shore this experience up with experience of client management through a live client brief. 
  • Research Methods in Audio & Music Technology – Academia is an important part of this qualification, and we’ll make sure you’re able to submit the best academic work by teaching you how to research effectively. 
  • Sound & Audio Theory – The bread and butter of audio is the science. Understanding that allows you to adapt to different environments and create the best sound possible. It’s so key that we’ve given it it’s own module.
  • Advanced Audio Production – Break down the stages of audio production and learn how to effectively make the right decisions that get results. You’ll look at recording, editing, mixing and mastering, ensuring that you keep current and historical trends in mind to create the best quality final product.
  • Creative Audio & Music Technology – A big ol’ look to the future. Get ahead of the game by learning where both commercial and non-commercial industry trends are going. You’ll leave us at the cutting-edge of music and ready for what’s coming next.
  • Acoustics & Electronics – Discover how sound sources, spaces and music technology equipment interact. Room and instrument acoustics make a huge difference to the final product, and we teach you how to prepare for anything that your career throws at you. 
  • Industry Practice – We’ve got this module in both our Foundation Degree courses because it’s so important. Bring everything you’ve learned together into one package, refined, shined and ready for you to grab hold of as you fly into your new career. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. We’ve been in creative education for nearly 30 years and we’re confident that we are the best place for you to get career-ready. Feel the same? You know what to do. Hit apply on our website and get yourself signed up.