ACC Degrees: It’s a (HE)at wave! FdA Music Performance

At ACC, we don’t just do FE courses. We’ve also got two Music Foundation Degree courses in partnership with 2017 University of the Year, Nottingham Trent University and we’re taking a closer look at them! 

First up, we’ve got FdA Music Performance course. We’ve built this course to be practical and vocational. Foundation Degrees are less ‘academic’ than full degrees, which means you’ll spend your time learning by doing, pulling together what you learned at college and HE level skills and techniques to be ready to dive into your career. 

Over two years, you’ll cover:

  • Composition and Arrangement – Get to grips with music theory, arrangement techniques and composition, and transfer these skills into professional standard music production software. 
  • Performance Techniques – Combine your strong compositional knowledge with reinforced performance techniques, and showcase your music to the world through electrifying performances that leave your audience breathless. Develop skills for performing as a group or solo, building a relationship with the audience and learn to use every inch of the performance environment to your advantage. 
  • Recording Studio Practice – Learn not just recording techniques but also the history and impact of recording on modern day culture and society, because sometimes to be at the top of your game, you’ve got to go back and learn from what’s been.
  • The Music Industry – Adding to your arsenal, you’ll get an insider look at the music industry you’re going into, finishing the course with a unique perspective that you can tap into to open doors. 
  • Music, Technology and Performance – In this module, you’ll bring together all the individual elements you looked at in first year and hone them so you’re ready and equipped to jump on any stage, write the next Bohemian Rhapsody or anything else you want to achieve in your career.
  • Composing Music for Visual Media – Another key revenue stream in music is soundtracking visual media like TV shows, films and adverts. It can be highly lucrative and it’s such an important element of the industry that we gave the subject it’s own module. The module will also help to build critical thinking and reflecting on your work, both transferable skills key to being a professional musician.
  • Contextual Studies in Music – Looking past techniques, software, composition and the internal aspects of music, we’ve designed this module to give you a view on how music impacts wider society. Think Hip Hop’s impact on culture and you’re on the right track. Not only that, you’ll look at the psychology behind music and the emotive interaction it has with the human brain. 
  • Industry Practice – Last but not least, Industry Practice is the refiner module. We take everything you’ve learned from us and your time at college, and we work with you to develop your professionalism. As part of Industry Practice, we also provide you with exclusive knowledge and resources that will mean you leave us not just with talent and skills in all areas of the music industry, but also with the know-how to go out and make your mark on music.

    With nearly 30 years of experience in creative education, we’re confident that ACC is the best place to learn the skills that will launch your career. If all this sounds like your idea of heaven, then you know what to do. Hit apply and get signed up!