ACC Experience: The winners

With over 1500 students taking part in our very first ACC Experience, it’s safe to say that our industry professionals had some tough decisions to make. The ACC Experience awards were hosted by musician, vlogger and ACC Media tutor, Helen Anderson. If you missed them, head to our Twitch to catch up!

Studio & Live Sound

After 31 entries, the winner was George Leach from ACC Manchester who received an amazing mic package from SEelectronics. Grammy winning Adrian Bushby, who judged the competition said, ‘Keep up the good work, it all sounded amazing. If this is the shape of things to come, it’s going to be an exciting future. Well done everyone’.


After 59 teams submitted, the winner of the exclusive Games Jam for ACC students was the game Sickness by MMM Jam, made up of ACC Birmingham students. They won some Overclockers and MediaTonic merch as well as a games mouse and £100 voucher for Unity. The winner was judged by MediaTonic. They said ‘We’ve been so impressed with all of your entries and can’t wait to see more from you in the future’.

Mmm Jam with Sickness from Birmingham


The three categories were film/video assets, photos and finally the overall design of the campaign. After 89 entries across the categories, the winner of the photo award was Marion Krim from ACC London. The winner of the film/video assets was Sam Cannon from ACC London and finally the winner of the overall design on the campaign was Jasmine Elliott from ACC Norwich. 

One of the judges was music photographer Sarah Brownlow who said, ‘There were so many excellent entries and well done to everyone who entered’.

All the winners received high-tech digital cameras and a detailed feedback session from Hospital Records/Nu:Tone.w

Video Project: Sam Cannon ACC London


This was split into two categories, remix and vocal/cover version. After an amazing 177 remix entries across the two categories, there were three winners selected from the vocal/remix cover version. These were, Archie Beck from ACC Norwich, Chloe Martinez from ACC London and Michelle Best from ACC York. Yvette from B-Side Project and one of the judges said, ‘We couldn’t decide on a main winner for the cover/vocalist versions, it was the hardest category! So we’ve chosen three instead!’

The judges for the remix category included Tracktion Software, the competition sponsor. The regional winners were, Piotr Makowski from ACC Lincoln, Brandon Craig from ACC London, Simon Seale-Hall from ACC Manchester, Dan Buse from ACC Norwich, Dan Sephton from ACC York, Benito Essex from ACC Birmingham and finally Joseph Ivin from ACC Bristol. The regional winners received Tracktion Software worth £1.4k plus a detailed feedback session. 

The national winner, chosen by Nu:Tone was Brandon Craig from ACC London who will visit Nu:Tone in the Hospital Records HQ to spend some time in the studio.

Cover Version Project: Michelle Best ACC York

ACC Awards

Annually, we also have our ACC awards which celebrate success from across our campuses on both a regional and national level. Like everything else, this went virtual and was a huge success. Massive thank you to our events students for putting this together!

The national awards and winners were:


Best Band: Vapour, ACC Norwich

Best Producer: Voidchaser, ACC Lincoln 

Best Solo Artist: Lil Wiz, ACC Manchester

Best Song: Alice Simmons, ACC York

Best Sound Recording: Owen Stevens, ACC Lincoln


Best Games Design: Georgia Oxley, Ferenc Mudri and Jake Watts, ACC Norwich

Best Game: Jaydon Frazer, ACC Norwich

Best Game Art: Ben Gibson, ACC Manchester


Best Film/Video: Yasin Muhammed, ACC London

Best Photo: Mert Ochoa, ACC Manchester

Best Design: Carmen Bratosin, ACC Lincoln

To find out why they won and what all the fuss is about, head to Congratulations to all our nominations and winners – it’s an incredible achievement!