ACC Experience

We always go the extra mile for our students, even in lockdown. So please welcome ACC Experience! ACC Experience is an initiative that focuses on us providing our students with industry experience. ACC Experience contains two strands, a live brief and a showcase. The live brief provides all students with the opportunity to work on an extended project for the final half-term of the  year. This year’s final project/showcase is ACC Awards & Virtual Showcases. The ACC virtual showcases take place in the last week of the academic year to celebrate award winners and student achievement. 


For the Events students their project is a virtual showcase. They are working in teams to organise and facilitate their campus ACC Virtual Showcase Incorporating the ACC Awards with the support of their tutors. During the project, they are benefitting from the advice and guidance of industry from guests such as Julia and kaavous from Original Projects and Joe from Smokehouse/Ipswich Sound City, on how to approach a virtual event, as well as industry mentoring as their plans develop. 


The Games students’ project is a SideQuest Games Jam. A game jam activity created by Mediatonic is taking the students from the start to the finish of making a game in a short space of time. Working in partnership with SideQuest the students’ games will have the chance to be judged by industry professionals, MediaTonic, and have their game featured on the SideQuest page. Students will have the opportunity to take different roles in their teams and create something for themselves and others to enjoy.


For the Media Students their project is the B-side Project. Students are creating promotional material for a professional music artist. The competition has three strands catering for content in graphic design, film/video and photography. Through this project, students will have the chance to be judged by industry professionals like CEO of Silent Games Sally Blake and Henry South, a Senior Artist at Industrial Light & Magic/Disney who worked on: Avengers : Endgame, Jurassic World, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy.


Music students’ project is also the B-side Project sponsored by Traktion but for music. Students can choose to fully remix a given track in their own genre and style, make a cover of the track using their own vocals and/or instruments, or add their own original vocals to the track. Industry professionals such as Yvette Chivers, will judge the students projects and contribute to the Music’s ACC Experience winner.

Studio & Live Sound 

For the Studio and Live sound students, their project is a Mixdown. A competition exclusively for SLS learners to mixdown audio provided from a professionally recorded track. Learners will undertake the mixing process and enhance the recording to make a dynamic and professional-sounding mix. Our engineering students are getting to mix the original stems of We Don’t Need Money by Thesubways. Their mixes will be judged by Grammy winning producer Adrian Bushby and the winner and 2 runners up will receive incredible prizes from our sponsor SElectronicsUK. 


Prizes are available for winners and runners up with our ACC Experience tasks. Some prizes include Gamemaker licenses for all the team,  £100 voucher for the Unity Asset store, High-spec digital camera with video capabilities, → Tracktion Waveform 11 Pro Extreme full package upgrade (worth £1,400.00), SE23000 + RF Space + Dual Pro Pop Filter + V7 and Endgame Gear Mice x2 + Overclockers mouse, mats & mugs.