ACC Live: Your connection to the industry

There are lots of exciting opportunities going on currently, especially with the lockdown in effect, lots of artists and industry professionals are providing content that you can use to build up your knowledge and experience in many different fields.


Chris Lord Alge – Mixing Process

Chris Lord Alge (or CLA to his friends) has just released a video detailing his mixing process.  He has defined a career for himself mixing artists such as James Brown, Prince, Green Day, to name but a few.  The video can be found here.

Logic X

Here at Acc, we use Logic X as our main DAW.  If you do not have much experience, now is an ideal time to get up to speed.  You can get access to a 90 day trial here (note you need a Mac).


Got a guitar, ready to pick it up for the first time or improve where you’re at?  Fender are offering 3 months of free online guitar lessons to the first 100k new subscribers – get in there quick!


This one is so much fun!  Korg are the mighty power behind decades old (and new) synthesised technology and sounds – now you have this power in your hands!  Korg have released their IKaossilator app for both iOS and Android – it is currently free.  Use this to build beats, sounds and explore your own compositions.  Korg’s Kaossilator app




Interested in developing your skills in 3D modelling? Try this free online 3D modelling software!

Click here to give it a go!


Construct 3

Create games from your PC, tablet or even your phone with this free 2D Game Engine. We use this on our Games courses, so why not try it out before you start studying with us!

To find out more, click here!



If you are going to be studying one of our Games courses, you may already be familiar with Unity. The world’s most popular development platform for creating 2D and 3D multiplatform games and interactive experiences.If you haven’t yet been able to give it a try, Unity is free!

You can download Unity Here




HitFilm Express

HitFilm is a free video editing software, with professional VFX tools. Perfect for budding filmmakers, YouTubers or those wanting to give video editing a go.

Download HitFilm for free here.



A great free alternative to Photoshop. It’s Photoshop but online! All the same tools/layers, etc. and you can save the files as .PSD (Photoshop project files) which can later be opened in Photoshop!

Click here to give it a go!



Magistro is an online video editor that allows you to make videos in minutes. Turn your photos and video clips into video stories with this award winning app.

Try out Magistro with a free 7 day trial here.



GIMP: Event Photography

Enjoy capturing the moment at gigs and festivals? Why not take some time to edit through some past photos you have taken at events with this free editing software.

You can download GIMP here! Click here for a free short tutorial!


Music Journalism: ‘How to write an awesome review of a music event’

If you are interested in writing reviews of your favourite gigs, then check out this brilliant tutorial full of handy tips!

Check out the tutorial here!


Ben Street: Festival Workshop

Ben Street, founder and organiser of Norwich festival Wild Paths (and ACC tutor guest lecturer) and ran a series on Event Production. If you are interested in running events or want to know what it takes to organise a festival, watch his sessions from the ACC Virtual Festival! ACC students have been involved in playing and working at Wild Paths since the first festival in 2019.

You can rewatch Ben’s session from ACC Virtual Festival here.