Animation and VFX: RenderMan has come to ACC

Animation and visual effects are big business. From classic animated masterpieces like Toy Story and Inside Out, to the new era of visual effects like de-ageing, audiences have been treated to incredible experiences provided by cutting edge and constantly developing technology. 

Here at ACC, we understand that to be the best, you need to have access to the best equipment and software available. The kind of stuff that the professionals use to create these masterpieces. We’re excited to share that from November, our Animation and VFX students will have access to Pixar's bespoke rendering software, 'RenderMan'.

RenderMan, an award-winning software (including being the first software to win an Oscar), has been used on some of the film industry’s biggest hits including The Lion King, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and Avatar. The capabilities of RenderMan have to be seen to be believed, and we’re certain that our students are going to truly feel the incredible benefits from using it. 

Alongside educational licences for every student on our Animation and VFX course, we're also excited to announce a student masterclass in animation techniques from RenderMan staff and other great experiences still to be announced.

This combination of experiences benefits students by having unique access to experts from one of the world’s most recognised and celebrated animation studios, an deep understanding of the revolutionary RenderMan, running in parallel with our bespoke Animation and VFX curriculum that is designed to give students everything they need to forge a career in industry. 

If you’ve got a passion for animation and VFX, and you want to mould your passion into a career at the cutting edge of this one of a kind industry, applications are now open for September 2023. 

You can dig into what you’ll be doing on the course over on our website

If you want to see your local ACC centre, meet our tutors and try out RenderMan for yourself, you can sign up to one of our open days here

And after all that, if you’re ready to get an application in, we’ve got you covered here

Innovate with technology to animate the audiences of the future, right here at ACC.