ACC Virtual Festival is here

With all the festivals and live events being cancelled left, right and centre, we have decided to do our own completely online. 

The ACC Virtual Festival is an online festival which will incorporate all things creative. We understand the importance of social distancing, but this doesn’t mean we can’t bring everyone together through the power of the digital world.

Why are we doing this? 

The aim is to create something exciting and fun in this pretty dark time. We want you to keep being creative as well as raise awareness of the creative industries and the people within it.

The creative industries are being hard hit due to Covid-19, especially music and events, but we want to keep everyone collaborating.


We have created a new website with a calendar of events, each event will sit under a stage. 

The ‘Let me see you workshop’ – this stage will host and stream all workshops. 

The ‘Tell me why stage’ – this stage will be your Q&A stage where you can ask those burning questions to people in the industry.

The ‘I feel good stage’ – this is the wellbeing stage where our #KeepCalmKeepCreative contents will be held. 

‘The Live Room’ – This is the final stage which will hold performances and DJ sets from current and ACC alumni from across the country.

How to watch? 

Head to the website to see what we have coming up. Be sure to keep checking back as we will be updating it daily and you don’t want to miss out!

Think you have something to offer and want to be part of it, send an email to