Awards Showcases celebrate new creativity

ACC centres hosted successful Awards Showcases during the first week of July which were a fantastic celebration of creative and educational achievement. After months of planning, each event was a professional showcase of new talent. And it wasn’t just about who was on stage. Each event was organised and produced by teams which included events and sound engineering students.

Each event had a set of industry awards, such as Best Game, Best Video and Best Band, as well as educational awards, including Student of the Year and Progress Awards. In addition to the regional winners, there were also a set of national awards with winners chosen from the best at each centre. The national winners were:

  1. Best Game

Jaydon Frazer (Norwich) – for the game Cultist. Jaydon created incredibly detailed and complex game in the pixel style with environmental storytelling. His workflow for development of the game is near-professional standard and had sought feedback from industry on his work.

  1. Best Game Art

Aknubia Holden (Manchester) for an outstanding environment project, superbly presented with incredible detail of how the 3D environment was created, including building assets in mesh and rendering.

  1. Best Game Design/Development

Ryan Drake (Norwich): For the production of a range of different games whilst at college, including Picture Panic and Endless Running.

  1. Best Photo

Jan Andes (Bristol) for creative use of contrast, composition of shot and originality.

  1. Best Film & Video

Rimshas Ali (Birmingham) for Asos video. Professional quality advert for genre/brand. Excellent visual imagery and editing and music sync, with strong direction of actors and choreography.

  1. Best Media Production

Carmen Bratosin (Lincoln) for her project to create idents and showreels for teen TV market. Creative visual ideas with strong element of fun. Excellent all rounder who is skilled in multiple media areas. Very professional output.

  1. Best Song

Rose Evans (Norwich): a dynamic piece of music with very contemporary sound. Well produced with excellent use of sonics and effects with a well-developed melodic hook. Has strong commercial potential for use on multiple platforms.

  1. Best Band

Droogs (Bristol) for creating exciting music which is already making an impact as evidenced through fan base, social media and gigs. Strong presentation and performance skills. Already garnering industry interest. They are the package. 

  1. Best Producer

Leon Cawthorpe Gray, AKA Shayler Franklin (York) for strong evidence of creativity, innovation and ambience in the recording. Comprehensive coverage on social media.

  1. Best Solo Artist

Jonny Holmes (Lincoln): producer and performer who has created an excellent body of work, collaborating with other musicians. He is an amazing all rounder and writes witty lyrics. Already has widespread social media presence.

  1. Event / Live sound Student of the Year

Ben Viney (London). Ben has been an exemplary student throughout his time with us and has been a highly integral member of his group and positive force throughout. He is very driven inside and outside of college, with successful work placements, and extracurricular activities within college

  1. Events Progress Award

Kaley Grimson Smith (Norwich). Kaley had no previous knowledge of the tech side of the course, but has worked hard to learn every aspect of the course.  She has achieved high grades for the majority of her work, and has been keen to be involved in extracurricular events, such as rocket from the East, and is currently helping a college band to plan their EP launch to continue to develop her skills outside the classroom.  She is also supportive of other students within the group.

Events took place in a series of amazing venues: The Deaf Institute in Manchester, Cargo in Shoreditch in London, The Mill in Digbeth, Birmingham, The Grand Hotel in Bristol, Epic Studios in Norwich, The Blue Room in Lincoln and The Crescent in York.

Access sends congratulations to all the nominations and winners and to all the students who participated in the process and the events.