Backstage with Ed Sheeran

‘It’s about having students around you, who are like-minded people. As long as your passionate about something and work hard at it – I think that’s the key’.

In the midst of his sell out tour, our patron, Ed Sheeran made the time to catch with us. We talked tips, Glastonbury and Game of Thrones, just before he went on stage at Birmingham.

Funnily enough, getting in touch with the biggest star in the music world at the minute isn’t easy. Luckily, Access has Ian Johnson! Ian works in the Norwich centre and has had a great relationship with Ed since he saw him performing The A-Team to a crowd of 8 people. Can you believe it? 8 PEOPLE! And now, during his tour he plays to thousands of fans a night. Ian, being the superhero that he is, managed to get us one on one time with Ed prior to his first performance in Birmingham.

As if catching up with Ed wasn’t enough, we were given an Access All Areas back stage pass. On arrival to the Barclaycard Arena, we were taken through the back gates and into the corridors where the crew and the entire Ed Sheeran team hang out (we even got a glimpse of Anne Marie, one of his support acts).

After setting up our equipment in the green room, we were good to go. Ed had a couple of meet and greets with fans first, but then came to join us. He is exactly as you would expect and walked in sporting his signature jeans and hoody. We added to his hoody collection by giving him an Access one. It’s hard to imagine that someone so famous could be so chilled, but that’s exactly what he was. It was like catching up with an old friend!

Take a look below…