ACC x Fnatic: An exciting new esports education partnership

Find out more about partnership with one of the greatest and most innovative esports brands, Fnatic right here!

In 2022, Access Creative College launched our very first expedition into esports education with Esports Management Level 3. We’re constantly exploring emerging sectors and new trends, and we recognised a need for a bespoke and robust esports course to give those with a passion for competitive gaming a viable route to a career.

We’ve been busy recruiting for September 2023, but we’ve also been working on our industry connectivity in the background. Working together with industry partners in all the areas we cover is crucial for networking, work experience and to reinforce what we teach in the classroom, with a hands-on approach in the real working world.

On that note, we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with leading esports powerhouse Fnatic!



Founded in 2004, Fnatic is one of the world’s most successful esports brands with more tier 1 tournament wins than any other team, and the third most watched globally. With over $16 million in prize money wins, 33 million fans on social media, their own merch line (including collabs with brands like Gucci) and professional players recognised as some of the best in esports history, they are esports experts and a perfect partner for ACC.

Recently, Fnatic launched an esports education programme to support the future of the industry, provide real world experiences and networking, and create a supportive and inclusive environment for esports students. ACC is one of Fnatic’s first education partners, working closely with them to bring the programme to ACC students.

So, what does this partnership mean?

Our students will get:

  • Industry focused webinars presented by Fnatic staff and special guest industry speakers.
  • Networking events with Fnatic staff, industry professionals and esports students from the other partners in the scheme.
  • An exclusive Discord community dedicated to sharing industry news and opportunities, as well as the very latest news from Fnatic.
  • Discounts and prizes for tournaments.

And there’s still more to be announced!

I’m sure we don’t need to tell you how exciting an opportunity this is; one that is sure to provide a helping hand towards a career in competitive gaming for our students.

The even better news? This could be you. If you love all things esports and want to make the most of this exciting sector, we can help. Our esports course isn’t just about playing games. Whether you want to coach a team, market a tournament, shoutcast or do something else behind the scenes, the opportunities are endless and we’re here for you.

We’re still accepting applications for September 2023 on our Esports Management Level 3. You can read more about the course right here, and apply here!

Last updated on: 11th January 2024