Jobs on Tour

When we think of a touring musician, we think of the end-product. The stages, the adoring fans, the light shows, the confetti. That very finished, polished product. Often it is presented so well, we don’t have to consider the inner workings. The man power, the hours planning, the actual logistics behind the show that we look forward to for months.

But logistics aren’t what we pay our pennies for. We pay for the star. It isn’t exactly the most discussed part of the business. But to those who envision a life on tour, it is what they are working towards. These are the jobs that people can’t immediately think of when we discuss jobs in the Music Business. And while many do want to be famous musicians, there are many who want to work in the ‘background’ putting the whole show together and revelling in its glory (without having to stand at the front of that stage).

So here are our top picks for Jobs on Tour- the people who orchestrate the shows you love.


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Tour Manager

Alternate Titles: Road Manager, Concert Tour Manager

A tour manager sorts out transportation, scheduling & financing the journey.


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Production Manager

Alternate Titles: PM, Concert Production Manager

Production managers are responsible for all technical production elements of a live show. These people need to see the bigger picture and understand an artists vision.


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Tour Coordinator

Manages financial aspects of touring such as: Budgets, sorting out show settlements and negotiating deals for band & crew.


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Festival Director

Alternate Titles: Festival Producer

These people sort out the behind the scenes logistics of the tents, the acts, the weird festival pop-up shops, on-site staff. A BIG job.


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Tour Publicist

They work to secure regional interviews, show previews, concert reviews. If you ever try to contact an act: this is who you speak to.


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Alternate Titles: Road Crew, Event Technician, Production Technician, Guitar Tech, Keyboard Tech, Lighting Engineer, Sound Engineer, FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer.

Basically, a touring professional and general know-it-all. Roadies are the vital cogs in a well-oiled touring machine.


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Sound Technician

Alternate Titles: Resident Sound Technician, Audio Technician, Sound Engineer, Live Sound Engineer.

They set up and use the soundboard, ensuring all sound levels are correct and pleasant for an audience. You will often see these hard workers around the back of a gig, never taking their eyes off the stage.


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Guitar Technician

Alternate Titles: Instrument Tech, Backline, Music Tech

They set up the stringed instruments and ensure that they are in tip top condition (or replaced after being smashed at the end of a gig).


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Lighting Technician

Alternate Titles: Lighting Tech, Electrical Lighting Technician

They rig lights, set up equipment and create on stage lighting to compliment a person’s show. The cool lights at a dance act: these are the light magicians.


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