Top tips for taking care of you

We have put together some of what we believe are the top tips to maintain self-care starting now. There are so many different things you can do which may make you feel a little bit better each day.

Do what you LOVE

Whether you’re lost in the moment dancing your heart out, so invested in a book you lose yourself or so close to finishing that crossword you can’t put it down. These are the small things that you enjoy and can help beat stress. Doing something you love can help you forget your worries and problems for a while and can alter your mood for the day.


It is now okay for you to participate in exercise however many times a day you like, 2 meters apart, from staying inside to do yoga or going for a local run. Getting out of the house and exercising is a good way in terms of self-care as it increases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals whilst reducing the level of stress hormones. Just don’t forget to stay 2 metres apart.

Talk about your feelings & keep in touch 

Who do you trust most in your life? Reach out to people for a chat about anything you feel like. Want to discuss the weather? How are you feeling? What’s good to watch right now? Talking keeps your mind busy and opening up allows you to relieve a weight that has been on your shoulders.


Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is important for your mental and physical wellbeing. Getting the recommended hours of sleep (7-9 hours) can ensure you start your day off energised. So put your phone down, stop scrolling at 1am and give your body and mind the rest it needs.

Complete small tasks

Start that workout, call a grandparent, bake a cake, go for a walk or maybe even just wake up, wash your face and get ready for the day. Any small task is an accomplishment and will give you a sense of pride and a purpose for that day.

Digital Detox

We are all constantly plastered to our phones. Whether it’s on Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook or WhatsApp. Take a break from it and turn it off for a couple of hours, you won’t miss out on anything major. It’s healthy to switch off from the world and find time to spend with family or time for yourself.

Create To-Do lists

To-Do lists are a good way to stay organised and feel productive. Whether you write it down or use an app on your phone, working through what needs to be done for the day can help fill up chunks of time, keep you focused and seeing each task being completed will aid you in feeling accomplished.

Tidy up

Yes, you probably hear the same words from a parent/flat mate but this is a legit act of self-care for everybody out there. Clear room – clear mind. Make your bed, put the clothes away that are covering your bedroom floor, take those empty glasses back to the kitchen and if you’re feeling extra productive maybe move your furniture around for a new bedroom look.