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Digital Media:

  • What's the deal?
  • Is it for you?
  • What can I be?
What's the deal?
  • A weather app on a smartphone, streaming music, hooking up on social media, shopping online, or running a vlogging channel are all aspects of digital media. We all use digital media every day.
  • The UK digital consumer market will be worth £7.7 billion by 2020, growing 3% per year.
  • An expanding industry will continue to create more jobs. Five years ago, the position of social media manager didn’t even exist!
  • The sector includes film and video production, photography, graphic design, web/app design and journalism/copy-writing.
  • Salaries start from about £12,000 for junior roles, up to £30,000+ for skilled producers, graphic/web designers. Senior salaries can go up to £45,000 for project managers and lead roles.
Is it for you?
  • You will need to love digital media and how products are created.
  • Building some digital media products requires teams with diverse skills, so being a team player is important. Other roles suit those who are self-employed.
  • Employment is mainly based around small studios and freelance work.
  • The industry is very fast moving with constant technology developments, so you need to be a quick learner and enjoy learning new skills.
  • Working hours can be long, especially when projects are reaching completion.

Video Producer
You are creating promotional videos for companies, artists and organisations, managing everything from scripting and filming to editing and post production.

You are creating content and managing a vlogging channel on social media.

You are capturing striking images for businesses and people and editing and manipulating these for professional use.

Graphic Designer
You are producing vibrant and exciting visual designs for businesses and people to use both online (websites, apps, social media etc.) and in print (posters, brochures, magazines etc.).

Web Designer
You are generating beautiful websites for companies, organisations and individuals which look astonishing and have excellent user interfaces.

Animator/VFX Artist
You are responsible for creating well-designed and user-friendly animated and visual effects content for digital media applications.

Blog writer/journalist
You have a gift with words and are creating blogs, articles and content for businesses and other clients.

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