It's all about ME Maths and English

Do you need ME?

Maths and English (ME) are key parts of both normal and professional life. From calculating your personal monthly budget or how much you owe on a restaurant bill with your friends, to writing a report or quoting clients at work, the list of reasons why you may need Maths and English are endless. Having a strong knowledge of these areas, then, is essential to prepare for your future.

Having and achieving good standards in Maths and English is also an important factor when moving onto other courses and higher education. At ACC we endeavour to ensure that ME is made relevant to your aspirations and goals. ACC aims to deliver ME as part of a study programme inspired by your interests.

What that means is that you can expect course content that sits within your area of expertise, with built-in support so you can get up to speed quickly.

When you enrol on one of our courses, you will also work towards a GCSE qualification in Maths and English if you haven’t already achieved a Grade 4 or Functional Skills Level 2 in these subjects previously. All learners will take an initial assessment in Maths and English to enable your tutors to understand your level of learning and to plan a course of study that suits you, and meets your individual needs.

Before you know it, you’ll be an Maths and English whizz, ready for anything that comes your way. With these shiny new qualifications under your belt, you’ll be able to focus solely on standing out from the crowd, honing your craft for the working world and joining our ever growing list of successful alumni.

And that’s why at ACC, it’s all about ME.

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