The Future of ACC Curriculum

Sometimes, reflection is important. 

Growth and development is key to ensure that our planning meets the needs of the next generation of creatives and for possible changes in the wider creative industry, and you can’t have growth and development without reflection. We always want to make sure that the future of our curriculums are in line with the direction of the creative industry, so we sat down with twelve industry experts to look forward and put some groundbreaking plans in place.

We invited our chosen experts based on their field of work, and with the intention of hearing the voices of all areas of our industry. The topics we have looked at in our discussions include the current issues affecting the creative industry, identifying the technical and transferable skills that future students will need to know to work in their chosen field, identifying gaps in creative education and to build in inspiration and highlight a bright and hopeful future for our students. 

Based around six questions, the discussions were interesting, detailed and painted a picture of a creative industry that will quickly recover from the pandemic and flourish, reaching new heights and continuing to be a shining jewel in the UK economy. Check out the questions we discussed below: 

  • Looking at ACC’s vision and mission statement and now understanding our remit, what is your instinct when it comes to growing our provision?
  • What are young people captivated by in 2021?
  • How do you see young people’s interests changing over the next 5 years?
  • What is your perception of vocational education?
  • What do you regard the wider perception of vocational education to be?
  • Thinking about your own experiences as an employer, what level of education and extent of experience would you expect a young, fresh recruit to have?
  • How can a training provider, like ourselves, best support the sector you work in?
  • Where do you see your role affecting the education available?
  • Having now discussed this in more detail what would you say our next steps should be in growing our provision?

Our next steps are to take the feedback we gathered and to hone our curriculums so they are cutting-edge and relevant for years to come, adapting as the industry evolves. We’re proud to educate future industry professionals and we develop our courses to be the best available to creatives, so that Access Creative College is truly the best place to master your craft.