. Gamer Girl!

After Insomnia Gaming Festival, we managed to catch up with Amy Lee33, a gaming vlogger who’s statement game is the legendary minecraft.

With over 1,000,000 followers on her YouTube channel, Amy Lee is certainly flying the flag for the girls of the gaming world.

‘Thankfully there are many incredible female YouTubers out there who are showing the world that we play too’.

At what age did you discover your love for gaming and which game got you hooked?

I was a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan when I was younger. Having two older brothers who were obsessed with video games, I would always receive their old consoles when new ones were released. But in recent years, Minecraft got me hooked! Being able to create worlds and share them with others around the world is incredible!

Your YouTube channel is what’s helped with your career. What made you want to start it?

After watching many YouTube gamers and enjoying their Let’s Play style commentary, I realised that Minecraft can be used as a platform for just about anything. I wanted to share my imagination, stories and adventures with others and decided that one of the greatest ways to do that was on YouTube.

What advice would you give to other gaming vloggers wanting to make it big on Youtube?

Be happy! Enjoy the content you produce, learn new skills with editing, try different styles of videos and be grateful for each and every subscriber you gain. Reach out to others in the community, attend conventions, collab with friends and support each other. Never take anything for granted, expect nothing and be grateful for everything!

You have become such an icon to many young girls, what would you say to anyone wanting to make a career out of gaming?

Keep practising and try different games! Keep up with the trends and just enjoy yourself.

Follow her YouTube channel, Amyleethirty3

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