Six career paths using Graphic Design

Want to work in Graphic Design? Check out our top six job picks below!

As technology is becoming more advanced, new jobs are being created every day! Many people think that studying graphic design could only lead to one job – one in graphic design. But did you know studying graphic design can lead to numerous creative and exciting job opportunities? Just check out our top six picks below!

  1. Graphic Design as a Freelancer

Would you love to have your own business? Why not start by becoming a graphic design freelancer? It is very common for aspiring graphic designers to work on a freelance basis. It is a good way to get your brand out there. You will also have more say over when and how you work. However there are a lot of factors to take into account when you consider trying freelancing. These include pitching your projects, managing budgets, deadlines and the handling of your own finances.

  1. Fashion Designer

Nowadays, everything is designed digitally and that includes fashion! If your passion is in the fashion industry, you could use your skills in graphic design to create new clothing, accessories or shoes. This job is highly collaborative and you would work with lots of talented people to bring your designs to life on the catwalk!

  1. Marketing Manager

If you are starting out as a graphic designer, you can work your way up to becoming a marketing manager. As a marketing manager, you are expected to oversee all aspects of the department. This can include online and offline marketing with the responsibility to lead projects and manage a team of creatives who work in marketing and advertising.

  1. Web Designer

Web design is a career well suited to graphic designers. The design and development of websites and pages are different however they are created by the same person. You can work for one company designing, creating and maintaining websites or work for a design agency that specializes in creating websites for numerous companies and clients.

  1. Product Designer

Product designers: they are professionals that design all kinds of products. You could be hired by a furniture business, a phone retailer, even a food and drink business! Whatever the product, there needs to be somebody who can design it and the opportunities are endless.

  1. 3D Design & Illustrator

Whilst studying graphic design you may experience working with three-dimensional design software. With a 3D designer or illustrator, you create images and products in 3D, such as buildings, furniture or even transport! You could refine your graphic design skills to specialise within this area!

  1. Game Designer

The popularity of online gaming has increased massively in recent years and because of this, there is a high demand for video and online games designers. As a games designer you will focus on all the elements of a game, including the rules and behaviours of each character, background art and the overall design.


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