Inside the Events Industry

Inside the Events Industry

The UK events industry is worth £42.3 billion to the UK economy and involves gigs and concerts, festivals, theatre shows, exhibitions and conferences.

There are a growing number of outdoor events each year, with a particular expansion in festivals, from music to art to food. The total number is now over 7,000 annually.

57,000 people are employed in the UK events industry and this is only going to grow!. Working in the events industry is quick, not your ordinary 9 – 5 and offers something new, challenging and exciting with each passing day.

The first way to get into the industry is experience. This is one of the key things that employers look for when recruiting and having this can put you one step ahead of the rest. If you are starting out with no experience, put yourself out there, apply and say yes to every opportunity that comes your way! Whilst at Access, students benefit from a huge range of work experience opportunities with prestigious festivals such as: Slam Dunk, Latitude, Sundown, MADE and loads more!

Work on your CV and personal brand, it may help you attract people and companies. The more people that see what you can offer, the more doors that will open for you. This will get your name out to people that you never thought of. The best way to do this is by creating a business Instagram and Twitter with the intent of keeping it up to date daily, ensuring it is current. The next step is to create a blog, it’s a great way to actively engage with people as well as a great thing to add to your portfolio.

Ask for help or feedback, doing this allows you to get the opportunity to learn and receive feedback from people who have been in the industry first hand. People on the internet love to give advice, so take full advantage of it! The advice they give can be from personal experience or even just a desire to help you improve your posting style, content and suggestions of what they would like to see you do.

Expanding your knowledge of the industry is great, especially because it is always changing so making sure you’re up to date is key. The world of events is not a stagnant industry and keeping an eye out for new trends is so important.The first and easiest place to start is the internet – just ask Google! Another great way to expand your knowledge is by watching YouTube videos or reading blogs from individuals that are in the industry. Following them on their journey may help you with yours.

So what is the takeaway from this? Keep up to date on changes, jump into anything that is offered, be cheeky and ask to help out at events and get yourself a presence online. If anything, it will make applying for jobs easier as you will have a fully curated ‘CV’ to begin with! Don’t forget, at Access Creative College, we offer a industry-led college course in Event Production. You can check that out here

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