We are living through scary and uncertain times. The outbreak of Coronavirus has taken us all by surprise and left many of us feeling anxious about what the future holds. Working at home and social distancing can emphasise these feelings as we are spending a lot more time alone with our thoughts. For many people this can lead to struggles with their mental health, and that is why it is incredibly important to stay busy during this time. As creative people, we think we should be focusing on what we do best! Being creative. Creativity has all sorts of benefits that can improve mental health. 

Our new campaign KeepCalmKeepCreative aims to encourage you to use your time in isolation to be creative, work on new skills and look after your mental health. It’s a community based project where we share, communicate and collaborate in order to inspire and keep each other motivated in the weeks and months ahead. We want you to share any kind of creative project that you are working on in isolation which will then be shared via the hashtag #KeepCalmKeepCreating across our social media channels. We also want you to create behind the scenes content and updates of you working and talking about the importance of staying busy and creative.

What kind of projects do we want to see? 

This could be anything that keeps you creative and productive. It could be a song or piece of music, a photography series, digital art, a short film or a story. We want to be able to see and share as much of the process as possible, not just the final product. We want to see what you are creating in your home and with the resources available to you. We will ask that everything is tagged with our hashtag so we can re-share it on our social media channels. 

We look forward to seeing the work you create during this time, and together as a creative community we will collaborate and work together more than ever before!