Larkin About

The best people to give advice about the music industry are people in the music industry. ACC York students were given the opportunity to ask whatever they wanted to Larkins as they came in to do an exclusive acoustic performance and Q&A ahead of their sell out gig.

Influenced by the likes of The 1975, Foals and Haim, Larkins are a 4 man, Manchester based group who make incredible tunes designed for the indie dancefloor, who finished a headline UK tour at the end of 2019. 

Before they arrived, there was definitely a buzz in the room amongst the students. It’s not everyday a touring band, will take time out of their busy schedule to perform and answer questions. It was an exciting opportunity for everyone. 

Band members, Josh Noble, Dom Want, Henry Bench and Matt Williams, along with their Assistant Manager Mitch from Scruff Of The Neck, arrived in their tour van and it was time to get prepared. Kit was unloaded and soundcheck completed, time to bring in the students.

The acoustic performance was opened with their single Not Enough Love. Charismatic frontman Josh, filled the room with his flawless vocals. Having them perform such an intimate set, was really quite special. Their third and final song was Make You Better, which they had just released on Spotify at midnight. 

The event was rounded off by a Q&A with the students asking those all important questions.

When did you decide you wanted to be musicians?

Josh: ‘My dad works for the NHS and my mums a teacher and although they do really like their jobs, it wasn’t for me. We did our first ever gig, kid of as a joke at this pub in Manchester and everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. But we just got a taste for it and it went from there really. You just kind of get lost in this big snowball rolling down a hill’.

How did you go from doing local shows to touring?

Josh: I think a lot of it was to do with our assistant manager. We did a really local show where we managed to sell, about 50 tickets and we put everything into it and from there is spiralled. Those local gigs, even though sometimes it feels like no one is watching, they definitely help. We lived and breathed it and did everything we possibly could.

Henry: ‘We didn’t go from playing shows in Manchester to going on tour. We did shows in Huddersfield with Josh’s uni friends and we were the first band on. Just small things like that, if you have any opportunity to play anywhere that’s not your hometown, take it. Even if just 5 people, you would rather have those 5 people there, than not’.

Josh: ‘On our first tour, I reckon on average 20 people came to our show a night but you have to play those shows like you would in Albert Hall which holds 2000 people’.

How did you come up with your name?

Dom: ‘We did English Lit at college and there is a poet called Philip Larkin on the wall and we thought, ‘he looks a bit mad’. It was a throwaway name at first but we couldn’t think of anything better’.