Latitude Festival 2020

Covid-19 has meant that all UK festivals have had to cancel and all venues have had to close this summer, causing a massive impact on the arts and music industry. We usually run a stage at a number of local music events, including the Inbetweeners Stage at Latitude Festival, where a number of our students would get the opportunity to perform, tech and stage manage. The stage has been running for the past 10 years and has hosted incredible performances by local musicians, students and ex-students such as Mullally, Bessie Turner, Let’s Eat Grandma and Ed Sheeran.

We did not want our students to miss out this year, as we pride ourselves on our industry connections and the experience we give to our students and we didn’t want this year to be any different. So with support from Latitude Festival, we are running their Inbetweeners Stage virtually with opportunities for a selection of our Music Performance and Artist Development students to still showcase their talents. 

Stream the Virtual Festival HERE!




Lucy Grubb 

Broken Catalyst

(The) Red Dear

Ruby Ayers

Grace Stewart 

Red Wine Talk 



Evie Barrand

Archy Tomas


Sophie Griffiths


Alice Simmons

Genie Genie


Lili Caseley


Catch up on anyone you’ve missed from 12pm onwards!

Stream the full Festival HERE!