Latitude 2021: A Chat With Red Wine Talk

You may have seen our first blog last week from Latitude festival in which we interviewed festival goers, performers and ACC staff to find out how they felt about being back at one of the first post-lockdown festivals! 

When we asked people who they were most excited to see, alongside The Chemical Brothers, another name that kept being mentioned was Red Wine Talk, our Friday evening headliner for the ACC curated Inbetweeners Stage. We grabbed frontman Ed Brookes for a chat (guitarist Cally Robb came over and joined in mid-interview too!)

How does it feel to be back performing at a festival?

Ed: It’s an absolute honour and a privilege. We’ve missed live performance so much and for our first gig back after so long to be Latitude Festival nearly brings me to tears. It’s quite overwhelming actually.

Is this your first time performing on the Inbetweeners Stage?

E: It is, yeah. We’ve been so busy doing gigs round Norwich and Norfolk and we’ve recently started to expand to national shows. As an ex-ACC student, I got the email through asking if we wanted to play the stage. Obviously we snapped it up and we’re very, very excited to be performing. 

How do you feel about headlining? 

E: It’s so sick, very cool to be able to say we’re headlining a stage at Latitude and to come back and represent ACC is a lovely feeling. They’ve helped us out so much in terms of key things that we’ve learned as a band. How to perform, how to advertise ourselves. It’s lovely to be back here and perform in front of lovely people. 

Cal from Red Wine Talks enters the interview. 

Who else are you looking forward to seeing this weekend?

E: I’m sadly not here for the weekend. Just for the day. I’m a massive fan of Declan McKenna and he’s on the main stage this weekend. I know Amber Allen’s performing on the Inbetweeners Stage too and she’s a good friend of ours through ACC. 

Cal: I’m looking forward to getting into the EDM tent. It reminds me of being in Germany.

How does it feel to be back performing at a festival?

E: We came here in 2017 for the first time as spring chickens, and we set ourselves a goal to get back here. Red Wine Talk had just formed and has now grown into this set, so this is a full circle moment for us.

Have you guys gigged before this? 

E: This is our first gig back. We’ve got so much planned for this year like a UK tour in November in places like Ipswich, London, Brighton, Southampton and hopefully Chester and Liverpool. We’ve got a big year ahead. It’s been a challenging year and a bit for us as a band with the restrictions everyone’s had. We’ve powered through and written our debut album which is out on Friday 13th August and called The Beauty and Elegance of Drinking Alone.

C: We’ve been sitting on these songs for over a year now, making demos in our living room but unable to use them. We can’t wait to get the album out and tour it. 

Currently unsigned, they delivered an electrifying set at Latitude that left us without a doubt that they won’t stay that way for long and are cutting a path to huge success in the very near future.

Red Wine Talk includes three ACC alumni and release their new album ‘The Beauty and Elegance of Drinking Alone’ on Friday 13th August. Check out lead single ‘I Believe In You’ on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music, available now. 

Find them on socials @red_wine_talk for tour dates later this year.