Latitude 2021: We’re back!

We’re back from Latitude, the first festival we’ve been to since 2019 and we can’t get over how incredible it was to take in that wonderful festival atmosphere, show off the incredible talent of our students on the Inbetweeners Stage and get stuck into the weekend. 

As always, we had a jam-packed lineup on our stage over the three days featuring our headliners Red Wine Talk, Lili Caseley and Beth McCarthy, as well as acts from the local ACC Norwich and our other campuses around the country including Lucy Grubb, The Wednesdays and recent access magazine feature Lily Honey. 

We’d like to pause here to say a quick thank you to all the artists that performed over the weekend and did an amazing job, really highlighting the true talent within our student base. 

Over the weekend, we talked to some of our staff, alumni and performers to find out how they were feeling about being back at a festival. Holly Coffill, an ACC alumni and a member of this year’s stage crew said ‘I think it’s really important to me, as it’s all about bringing that connection back to people as strangers. I don’t think there’s anything better than a crowd of strangers who all connect over the same song and that’s something that I think should be a part of everyday life. I’m just really happy they’re back!’

Gary Roper, also staffing our stage agreed, saying ‘It’s just seeing and being around like-minded people again. For everyone that’s missed live music, which is most of us, it’s just great to get out again and be part of something really big and exciting again.’

Baden Aldridge, an ACC alumni and musician shared his view on live music returning in general adding ‘As a musician myself, I’ve really missed live music. It’s really fun and it’s an income source for me which has been drastically missing since live music was cancelled. I’m getting back into it through a local venue down in London who are running open mics again.’

After a long period of no live music or festivals, everyone including us were ecstatic to be back. The atmosphere was electric, helped by a solid lineup. This year’s lineup included Bombay Bicycle Club, Bastille and Wolf Alice, but everyone we spoke to was most excited for The Chemical Brothers. We spoke to Paris Hammond, AKA DJ Sheff and one of our performers for this year who said ‘I’m looking forward to Rudimental and The Chemical Brothers. I’ve been a fan of them since I was young so it’ll be great.’

ACC HE student and Inbetweeners Stage sound engineer Dylan Barber also said ‘I am really looking forward to seeing Joe Armon-Jones later. I mixed monitors for him last year at the Showground. I’m also really excited for The Chemical Brothers, that’s going to be really cool and great for the events students. They’ve done a case study on them this year and get to see them in real life!’

Red Wine Talk, our Inbetweeners Stage headliner for Friday and an exciting band out of Norfolk with links to ACC and an album on the way (The Beauty and Elegance of Drinking Alone, released on 13th August) stopped by to have a chat with us. Keep an eye out right here for their interview on Monday! 

For those of you that missed out, we’ve put together a highlight reel of the weekend, available here. It’s been a long road and a strange time for everyone, but festivals are back and we can’t wait to see what else is round the corner! If you’ve got any festivals lined up this year, or have already been to one and want to share your experiences, let us know on social media @accesscreativecollege!