Industry Connections Birmingham

Connected in Birmingham

We work to enhance your creative education
with relevant work experience opportunities with regional employers.
These are some of the local companies and organisations we work with:

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Punch Records
A Birmingham-based music & arts agency working through four central 'pillars' - Creating, Touring, Programming and Educating. They organise the Bass Festival, the UK's leading annual Black music festival which attracts around 15,000 people.
DJ Tech Direct
A specialist shop located in the Custard Factory for digital, CD and vinyl DJ decks, plus mixing desks and stage effects equipment.
The Mushrooms Studio
Commercial rehearsal and recording studio in Digbeth used by degree students
The Custard Factory
Vibrant hub for creative businesses used by degree business students. Located next to Access Birmingham
Birmingham Repertory Theatre
A prestigious theatre located in the heart of Birmingham, right next to the iconic library building.
PMT Birmingham
A major retailer of musical instruments.
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