Maths and English Support at ACC

You’ve left school now, so surely Maths and English lessons aren’t important anymore, right? 

But not quite.. That’s why we include Maths and English as part of our curriculum for those of you who haven’t already achieved a GCSE Grade 4 or Functional Skills Level 2 with at least a GCSE Grade 1 in either subject previously. Because Maths and English is as important to your future as mastering your craft and honing your creative skills. 

Maths and English lessons provide you with the skills to be able to read and write professional standard emails that could be the key to your leap into your dream career, or to properly promote a music festival that brings thousands of people together in one shared moment. Maths could help you to create the next big innovation in the games industry, or to create a new piece of software that changes how we function as humans. 

We also link our lessons to the courses you’re taking with us at ACC, so you can gain a better understanding about how the Maths and English skills you’re learning can be taken into your career. Our entire focus is making sure you leave ACC at the end of your studies, completely prepared for whatever is next on the path into your desired career and Maths and English are a keystone of your future. 

And if you find yourself struggling with Maths or English, we’ve launched an online support service to help you get to grips with it. If you’d like to access the service, speak to your tutor.