Artist Development Showcase

Our current Artist Development students in Norwich put on a showcase at Stage Two, at the Theatre Royal, to show us exactly what they are made of.

For those who don’t know, our Artist Development course, deconstructs an artist and builds them back up in a way where they are ready for the industry. It focuses on the artists finding their sound, look and brand.

Millie Manders, a cross-genre punk singer/songwriter and the strong female vocalist for The Shut Up ‘thoroughly enjoyed the evening’.

‘The Access showcase was a testament to the course. The students were shown to be well rounded performers and clearly focussed on being a brand. All of the students had a clear style and genre, were well rehearsed and had a good image that suited their brand’.

From haunting lyrics and visuals to a £6000 money drop, to tigers, the showcase had it all.

Alongside Millie Manders, there were a number of industry professionals there to offer feedback.

Craig Hill, the head of events at OPEN in Norwich described it as ‘a very strong showcase with some exceptional talent on display’.

Pete Morgan, the Director of Noisebox Digital Media said, ‘I was very impressed by the musical talent on display at the showcase and I heard at least two songs that should be big hits on daytime Radio 1. Access To Music continues to provide students with superb training and great opportunities for feedback from the music industry’.

For Millie, there were also a couple of acts that really stood out.

‘Charlotte Sometime’s image and backdrop worked beautifully with her haunting vocals and emotive lyrics and delivery. Robbie Hall’s energy, vocal dexterity and overall style was infectious and the money drop at the end was perfect. I believe both of these acts have great potential’.

It wasn’t just the Artist Development students which were showing the audience what they were made of. The showcase brought students from different courses together.

The technical theatre students were there to make sure the showcase looked visually stunning (as well as timing to perfection, Robbie Hall’s £6000 money drop). The Creative Media students were there, cameras in hand, to capture the performances and the backstage gossip with the Music Business students helping out with the artist’s promotional material.

It really was an Access family affair!