Back to the future

‘I love studying here, the atmosphere is amazing. I come in on my days off because I love it that much’ – Geena, Level 3 Digital Media, Manchester.

At the Manchester Centre, our Level 3 Digital Media students have been busy!

For those of you who don’t know, this course focuses on creating an array of digital media products from websites to vlogs. It also welcomes students to the world of video production, graphic design and online journalism!

This term the students have been working on a number of things, including taking and editing photographs for the Level 3 Music Performance students to use as promotional material.

However, their biggest project has been creating a short film. They came up with the idea themselves to produce the film about a girl who has a camera, which allows her to see into the past and future.

The beginning of term focused on the pre-production process which is a jam packed list of everything which needs to put into place before filming starts.

‘We had to organise contracts for everyone involved, as well as sorting out the Health & Safety aspects and risk assessments. We also needed to organise locations and audition and choose the cast members’.

After everything on the pre-production list was ticked off, the students then commenced on their two weeks of filming. To make sure that no time was wasted, the crew had to come up with a list of shots they wanted to film on each day.

The crew was made up of a Director, Assistant Director, Sound Engineer, Cameraman & Assistant and Lighting.

‘With such an extensive crew needed, we took on a managerial role, with the rest of the crew being taken on by the first years’.

With the March 3rd deadline looming, it was then time for the students to start editing! They will be organising a screening at the college, inviting people to watch the finished product so keep your eyes peeled.

After this, they aim to post it online and enter it into film festivals this summer!

Digital Media students love all things digital, from apps to design and we wish them all the luck in pursuing their career in the field.