Check out our degree alumni

The music industry door is one that many people find hard to unlock, but with passion, hard work and of course, industry experience it IS achievable.

Still skeptical? Well, don’t take our word for it; check out how our Music degree courses have helped to shape a career in music for these two.

Sophielou (Sophie Louise Nedrick) is a 24 singer/songwriter from Wolverhampton who studied the ‘Popular Music Performance’ degree in our Birmingham Centre.

She has recently released her new EP, ‘Out with the Old’, which has peaked to number seven in the iTunes R’n’B charts. Alongside her music, Sophielou also co-owns the clothing line ‘OWTO’ which has taken off astonishingly well since its launch in November 2016. She has recently released her new single ‘Ambience’.

‘I’m juggling the clothing line, working and gigging. I’m very busy but I wouldn’t change it for the world.’

‘One of my best friends was on the course and he said that it was absolutely brilliant. He said that by being on the course, he was really shaping into the musician he wanted to be.’

Richard Wright, who currently works as the Events co-ordinator for the University of South Wales Student’s Union, is an example of a student who progressed onto one of our Music Business degree courses. His eyes were opened to the endless career opportunities (other than playing the main stage of a festival) within the industry.

‘Access to music opened my eyes to the music industry, there’s more to music than just playing the guitar!’
‘Access set me up to deal with agents, managers, venue owners and other artists and taught me how to conduct myself within the industry. I owe all the staff at Access Birmingham a massive thank you for their help and friendship over the years. Having so many professionals under one roof, all looking to teach and share their experiences is an incredible asset that more people need to experience’.

During his time as a Level 3 student, Richard and friends chose set up a music promotion company, Little Cavalier Promotions, as part of their course. They have worked with the likes of Dinosaur Pile-up, Samoans, Blacklisters, Alpha Male Tea Party and dozens more. Since the project, Little Cavalier Promotions plans to bring more this November – keep those peepers peeled!

Our Access Music degree courses are open. If you’re serious about a career within the music industry, we want to hear from you!