Tuesday 30th November 2021

New Covid Variant – Omicron

The safety of our students and staff remains our number one priority and we will continue to follow the government’s Covid guidance. In light of the new variant we have updated our guidance for students attending college and this includes the following:

Face Coverings

With immediate effect, face coverings should be worn by students, staff and adult visitors when moving around the college campus, outside of classrooms or indoor teaching areas, such as in corridors and communal areas.

Students should also wear a face-covering when travelling on public transport and dedicated transport to and from college.

Everyone should wear a face-covering unless you are exempt. Face coverings should comply with government guidelines and must in all cases fully cover the nose and mouth securely.

Asymptomatic Testing

We would like to remind you to continue with twice-weekly lateral flow tests. These can be provided by the college and should be taken 3-4 days apart.

This does not replace symptomatic testing. If you have symptoms, you should self-isolate immediately, book a PCR test and follow national guidelines.

You should continue to test even if you have had the vaccine. This is because we do not yet know if the vaccine prevents transmission – you could potentially still carry and transmit the virus to other people, even if you are protected.


We remain committed to strongly encourage our students to get vaccinated against Covid-19. This in conjunction with our other control measures will help to minimise infections and disruption.

In addition, we also need you to:

Inform us as soon as possible if you have tested positive for COVID 19 or are contacted by the Track and Trace Team and asked to self isolate.

Report immediately to your tutor should you start to feel unwell with symptoms whilst on site.

Stay at home if you test positive for Covid or if you are experiencing symptoms.

September 2021

The safety of our students and staff remains our number one priority and we will continue to follow the government’s Covid guidance.

In line with the easing of restrictions, we have updated our guidance for students attending college and this includes the following:

Face coverings

Face coverings are no longer required on site for students, staff and visitors either in classrooms or in communal areas. 

Staff, students and visitors are welcome to continue to wear face coverings if they wish to.  We will continue to review this and reserve the right to revert back to the wearing of face coverings in the event of a local outbreak.

The following measures will remain in place:

  • Hand hygienefrequent and thorough hand cleaning should now be regular practice. You should continue to ensure that students clean their hands regularly. This can be done with soap and water or hand sanitiser
  • Respiratory hygiene – the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach continues to be very important

Asymptomatic Testing

We will continue to provide Lateral Flow Home Testing kits for all staff and students.

Tests should be taken before college twice a week, with 3-4 days between each test.

A test is not required for 90 days after positive PCR, unless you develop new symptoms. 

Testing is voluntary, no one should not be prevented from going into the education setting if they do not take part. However we strongly encourage all staff and students to participate in testing, wherever it is possible to do so.

This does not replace symptomatic testing. If you have symptoms, you should self-isolate immediately, book a PCR test and follow national guidelines.  

You should continue to test even if you have had the vaccine. This is because we do not yet know if the vaccine prevents transmission – you could potentially still carry and transmit the virus to other people, even if you are protected.

In addition we also need you to:   

Inform us as soon as possible if you have tested positive for COVID 19 or are contacted by the Track and Trace Team and asked to self isolate. 

Report immediately to your tutor should you start to feel unwell with symptoms whilst on site.

Stay at home if you test positive for Covid or if you are experiencing symptoms.

Tuesday 9th March 2021

Covid-19 testing at Access Creative College

As part of the Governments ‘Roadmap’ out of the current COVID restrictions all school and college learners are beginning a return to face to face education from 8th March. It was announced by the Department for Education [DfE] that as part of this return all Secondary Schools and General Further Education Colleges would introduce COVID testing on-site with a view to moving to a new home testing regime at the end of March 2021.

It was further announced by DfE that Independent Training Providers (Access Creative College [ACC] is an Independent Training Provider) would not be introducing the same process of COVID testing as Secondary Schools and Further Education Colleges as a number of logistical issues prevent such tests taking place effectively and safely. We have lobbied DfE to be included in the on-site regime and we had made arrangements for this to happen, however DfE decided to only include Secondary Schools and larger General Further Education Colleges.

It is planned that ACC will be included in the new home testing regime from the end of March 2021 and will at that point fall in line with Schools and Colleges, thereby ensuring all Secondary, College and Independent Provider aged young people will conduct tests at home, supervised by parents where necessary. We are waiting for the specific details of the home testing programme from DfE and we will communicate this to you once we have received the details.

It is important to state that although ACC is not required or permitted to conduct on-site testing at present we have been asked by DfE to direct parents and learners to their nearest Asymptomatic COVID Testing Facility where Lateral Flow Tests can be taken without appointments and results provided in 30 minutes.

Please refer to the link below, where you can enter your postcode to find the nearest testing facility to your home address.

Or, as a student, you can order a home testing kit directly to your house:

It should also be noted that it is current Government policy that COVD tests are not mandatory and ACC will have no authority to impose COVID testing on any learners. We will, however, be encouraging all learners and staff to undertake regular testing.

The safety of our students and staff remains our number one priority and we will continue to follow the government’s covid secure guidance. Our campuses have a robust system of control measures in place which significantly reduce the risk of transmission. These include:-

our striped delivery model which reduces the number of students on campus at any time by 50%
mandatory use of face coverings in all indoor settings including common areas, corridors, workshops and classrooms
social distancing
the use of screens in classrooms
hand sanitising units throughout the campus.

All students will complete a site induction on their return to ensure they are fully aware of the guidance.

Friday 26th February 2021

We are thoroughly delighted to be reopening our campuses to all students from Monday 8th March. It has been a tough few months and the Prime Minister’s announcement last Monday was joy to our ears.

College will reopen for the remaining weeks before Easter with a striped timetable, like the one you had before Christmas. This means that over a two week period, half of your lessons will be on campus and the other half will be online or self-directed study. You can find your timetable on Moodle in its usual place. Please ask your tutor if you have any questions about this. If all goes well, we intend to adapt the timetable after Easter in order to ensure more of your sessions are on campus.

Your campus continues to follow the government’s Covid-secure guidance. Please re-familiarise yourself with our procedures on social distancing, hand hygiene and reporting covid symptoms by reading the leaflet here: 

Covid-Secure Campus Booklet

There will be an updated site induction when you come back for the first time to ensure you’re fully aware of all the guidance. 

In line with updated government guidance, we have implemented the mandatory wearing of face masks in all areas on campus. This now includes classrooms as well as all communal and circulation areas. We hope this won’t be in place for too long but in the interest of all our student and staff safety, this will remain compulsory until advised otherwise. If you have an exemption, please make your Learner Support Manager aware and ensure you bring a letter from your parent/carer. 

We are awaiting further clarification from the government on the rollout of their testing programme and when we know more we will be in touch to update you. 

We can’t wait to welcome everyone back onto campus, please be sensible and follow the guidance to ensure we all look after one another.

If you have any questions at all you can contact your Tutor.



Best wishes, 


Matt Newbould

Director of Education

Friday 29th January 2021

Access Creative College will continue to be closed to the majority of our students following the recent revision from the government. All students who are currently attending college in person can continue to do this and online learning will carry on as per your current timetables until we are advised to open. We will update you with any further information as we receive it. Thanks again for all your patience and please contact your tutor if you have any questions or concerns.

13th January 2021

As you are aware, we are following the Government guidelines and the college remains closed to the majority at this time and all sessions will be delivered online. There are some exceptions for students who are required to attend college, these students will be contacted directly by tutors.

We want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this evolving situation and as always we will continue to monitor it closely and keep you informed of any changes. We aim to be completely clear with you and provide as much detail as possible on what the next couple of months will look like for your studies.

This week you’ll be having your lessons delivered online and next week, beginning Monday 18th January, is ‘Progress Week’. This will be mainly self directed study with some live sessions with your tutor through group tutorials or 1-2-1 reviews and will be linked to the previous week’s sessions. During this week you should complete your self-directed activities and any outstanding assessments whilst your tutors will be working hard to plan your online learning for the next few weeks. You will also receive your ‘Google Meet’ invitations for all of your timetabled online sessions that will follow.  

From Monday 25th January until Friday 12th February (half term), new online delivery will begin. This is the timetable which you would have followed on-campus at the start of term in January and can be found on Moodle. These sessions will now be delivered online and you must attend all of your timetabled online sessions. 

Whilst your studies will look a little different during this period, you will continue to receive a minimum of 14 hours per week of planned activity. This will include ‘Live Remote’ sessions which will be hosted by a tutor, and ‘On-Demand’ self-directed activity of high quality sequenced content. We will be making some changes to when your assessments will take place to make sure the lockdown doesn’t negatively affect your achievement. Your tutor will be on hand to answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact them. 

If you have any IT requirements or issues please contact your tutor or IT Support, as soon as possible so that we can ensure you have everything you need for your online studies.

The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority.  Please continue to follow the government guidance which can be found at Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support – GOV.UK

Thank you for your continued support and patience, if you have any other questions please contact your tutor, we are here to help.

Online delivery outline

11th January 2021

In line with the latest Government guidance, the majority of our teaching and learning will now take place online. Please be reassured that this is not a decision the Government or we have made lightly, but learner and staff safety must come first. The college has developed a high quality online learning package that is committed to ensuring all learners receive teaching and learning that meets their course outcomes and that progress is maintained. 

Teaching and learning will comprise of a range of strategies that will be delivered remotely by our staff that ensure the remote offer is high quality and fully supports all our learners. The online offer will mirror usual learner timetables as much as is possible and the usual expectations in relation to attendance and engagement will apply to all learners. This also will include Maths and English for those learners who are already studying these subjects. Teaching and learning activities will be divided into a number of categories that will make up each learners timetable consisting of the following:

– Live Remote Sessions – a session that is hosted by a tutor throughout, with a formal introduction and register, live delivery and follows the structure of a typical in-person session. It will be appropriate for learners to break for a time-defined period to complete individual or small-group activities, sessions will resume in a structured and controlled way, with all learners being engaged throughout the session;

-On-Demand Sessions – high-quality sequenced content that is standalone and completed by learners as self-directed activity. The specific content for this will be identified, produced and curated by specialists and underpin course content;

-Group Tutorials – To meet and confirm arrangements with learners and provide pastoral support;

-1-1 reviews – To set definable SMART targets that focus on completion of assessment work and to provide support to learners.

Some learners will be required to attend in-centre in-line with their normal timetable. This includes learners with an EHCP, other learners who are considered vulnerable, and learners who do not have the means to engage with the online programme.

At present it is expected that online learning will continue until at least post-February half term, however, this will ultimately be determined by Government decisions nearer the time.

6th January 2021

As a result of the latest Government announcement, from yesterday 5th January, England will be under national lockdown restrictions and schools and colleges will move to online learning until the February half-term. Following this instruction Access Creative College can confirm that the college will be closed for the majority of students, and students should not come into the college. Some students will be required to attend in-centre in line with their normal timetable from Monday 11th January, these students will be contacted directly by their tutor.

The plans for week commencing Monday 11th January are as previously published. All sessions will be delivered online and your ‘virtual’ attendance will be required as per your timetabled sessions which you will receive this week.

Further detailed guidance on how you will be attending your sessions from Monday 18th January will be issued to you by email and post during week commencing 11th January.


It is vital to state that you need to attend everything on your timetable, including all English and Maths sessions. There is no striped delivery next week. You need to be in the live session links as the sessions happen. The tutor will be in these with you and there will be a register at the start of the session, where you will be directed in your tasks. It’s just like attending the college full time, but online.

It has never been more important to attend all sessions as you will need to build on the evidence you have and continue to complete coursework. It is all to play for with English and Maths too and even if your attendance has not been as good as you would have liked to this point in the year, now is the time to turn that around.

4th January 2021

Following the new government guidelines about the opening of secondary schools and colleges in England, Access Creative College can confirm the following plans as of Monday 4th January 2021 at 12pm:

For the week commencing Monday 4th January, as planned, students should be using this time, at home, as a study week to progress their assignments. College will be closed.

The week commencing Monday 11th January will now be online sessions only, run remotely with a timetable. You will receive your timetable for this week before the end of Friday 8th January. If you have any further IT requirements or issues, please contact your tutor or IT support ( as soon as possible so we can ensure you have everything you need to participate in online learning. We will be running some on-campus sessions but you will be contacted specifically if this relates to you.

From Monday 18th January your new striped delivery timetables will commence. You received these timetables before you broke up for Christmas, please start from Monday 18th January. This new striped timetable has more on-campus time and less self-directed study. You can find your timetable on Moodle, please contact your tutor if you have any questions.

The safety of our students and staff remains our number one priority and this decision has been taken following the latest developments locally and nationally with Covid-19.

We expect more information about the rapid and on-going testing of staff and students at our campuses to be available this week. Please keep an eye out on the website and your email for updates.

As a reminder, please let your tutor know if you have had a positive test result over Christmas or email

Thank you for your continued support and patience.

23rd December 2020

Following on from the message sent to students on Friday the 18th the College will not start teaching until Monday the 11th January, this is to support the testing of staff and students in line with the recent govt guidance. Further information will be provided in relation to this once plans are confirmed. From Monday 4th January, learners have been directed towards working on assignments and getting support where needed from their tutors. Teaching will continue in centres as per timetables as of week commencing 11th January as planned. Students are to check the College Website, Moodle pages and their email for updates.

17th December 2020

The college will be closed for Christmas from Friday 18th December until Monday 4th January. If you test positive over the Christmas break please email us at Please state the date your symptoms started and the last date you attended college. You must follow the rules and self-isolate. If you are still self-isolating by 4th January you must contact us in the usual way.

14th December 2020

Parents/carers and learners, please download our latest Covid-19 update below.

Parent/carer and student update

7th December 2020

Learning support
Access Creative College will draw on additional funding to support any learners who have been disadvantaged due to the COVID-19 lockdown. We will support them in all aspects of their Study Programme, including English and Maths, in order to fill any gaps in their curriculum. Learners will be provided with a personalised learning experience to prepare them for advancement into employment, apprenticeship or higher education. We will develop appropriate resources to facilitate this offer and will implement any appropriate organisational structures to achieve this.

Friday 28th August 2020

From 1st September face coverings will be mandatory on all our campuses, except in classrooms. Please read our policy for more details.

Use of face covering policy

Monday 13th July 2020

Please see below details on how students can access their exam results.

Information on student exam results

Friday 10th July 2020

Four weeks ago we re-opened our campuses to a small number of students. It was so fantastic to have people back on site and to hear the chatter!

It was quite an intensive operation to get our sites ready for opening, but they’re looking great. Firstly, we conducted risk assessments to meet the Governments ‘Covid-Secure’ guidelines. Then, we put up directional signage, added social distancing measures, installed hand sanitiser units and put information on the walls about how to keep safe.

At the end of this month we’ll be ready for our first REAL Open Days since February! You can book to attend any of the sessions on our events page here. Don’t worry if you’re not ready yet, you can rewatch our Virtual Open Days on our Twitch!

We’re not sure what September will bring but we’re planning for everything. And we will make it the best start to college life possible for you. Whether the class sizes are halved or the delivery is part online and from home, you can be sure that we are making every effort to give you an exceptional experience.

We have been overwhelmed with the feedback from students and parents. Have a look on our blog and you can see what our students have been experiencing for the last two months in lockdown.

If you’d like to talk to a student who is studying the course you’ll be starting in September to discover how they have found their college experience during the Covid epidemic, please get in touch with admissions ( and we can organise that for you.

Hopefully see you at the Open Day!

Thursday 23rd April 2020
Please see the document below for information around Starting an ACC Course in September 2020

Admissions Statement and Information

Wednesday 22nd April 2020
All students – please check your emails today and the document below regarding information around your GCSE and exam results.

Information about Exams and Results

Wednesday 15th April 2020
All students – please check your emails today and the document below regarding the term start on Monday 20th.

Information for ACC Students 15th April 2020

Friday 3rd April 2020
All students – please check your emails and the document below regarding your Easter work. Keep up the hard work to make sure you’re on track for the new term on Monday 20th April.

Information for ACC Students 3rd April 2020

Thursday 26th March 2020
All students and staff are studying and working remotely from home, following the latest government advice.
All ACC buildings are closed.

Please continue to follow official advice about Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Stay home and look out for one another.

Students and coursework :

– It’s really important that students continue with their studies, coursework and in-year assignment work and keep in contact through Moodle and via the online and the virtual support sessions planned.

-We are seeking further guidance from the awarding bodies and Department for Education on vocational and academic exams and will provide more information as soon as we can.

Applicants for September 2020:

-If you have had your interview for September 2020, and have been made a conditional or unconditional offer, that still stands and we’re still looking forward to welcoming you in September. We will await further guidance from the Government about the situation with exams.

-If you haven’t yet had your interview, these will now be arranged for a telephone conversation or Google Hangout, with auditions taking place later in the year for certain courses. These can be booked in the usual way, via your website application login or calling the Admissions Team.

-ACC is committed to ensuring that applicants are not adversely affected by the current situation, especially those who were due to take exams this summer. If you’ve not already applied, then please visit our applications page here, email our admissions team or call 0800 28 18 42

Thursday 19th March 2020
Following the announcement of school closures made by the Prime Minister on Wednesday evening, Access Creative College has decided to heed this advice and shut the campuses to college students at 5pm today until further notice. As per our previous statement, we are committed to still provide an education for all students. This will mean that work will be set remotely using our virtual learning environment – “Moodle”. Please download the guides below for more information.

Apprenticeship learning and assessments will continue virtually and students can still access their work on One File. Please download the guide below for more information.

Wednesday 18th March 2020
Birmingham, London, Norwich and York campuses are all temporarily closed for cleaning. Manchester, Bristol and Lincoln currently still open.

Tuesday 17th March 2020
As you know, all schools and colleges are following advice from Public Health England (PHE) and the Government regarding Coronavirus and we will not close the College unless instructed to do so. However, as the UK is going into the next phase of dealing with the virus, there is a possibility that we may be instructed to fully close at some point in the future. If this happens, as far as possible, our intention is that we continue to provide an education for all students. This will mean that work will be set remotely using our virtual learning environment – “Moodle”. Moodle is explained in the accompanying guide (download below).

Throughout a full closure, email contacts will be provided for each subject area and course which will be closely monitored by staff. This will allow parents and students to ask questions and raise concerns.

The most recent PHE advice to self-isolate if you are showing symptoms of a persistent cough or high temperature may also mean that we could see a high number of staff absences in the coming weeks/months. Again, our hope is to minimise disruption for our families and students so classes and timetables may be modified using levels of staffing available at any given time. If students show the described symptoms, we ask parents to adhere to the PHE self-isolation guidance and report absence in the normal way. Further details on the symptoms can be found here.

At this time, there is no way of knowing the full impact of the Coronavirus on our working and family lives but we will do our very best to support those that become affected by it, as and when this happens. We will do our best to reduce student anxieties and we will continue to advise students to wash hands to prevent infection.

We also recognise that some students or members of their immediate family may have underlying health conditions or compromised immune systems arising from treatment or medication which may leave them more susceptible to infection. In these circumstances, you may have concerns about continuing to attend College and/or using public transport as a means to attend. We would advise learners to contact their Course Leader about any concerns that they may have.

We will endeavour to update you on the college response to government guidance and instruction. Please be aware that whilst we have made contingency plans with leaders using current guidance, they are subject to change.

These are unprecedented times and we thank you for your continued support and patience during this challenging period.

Parent or Carer Letter
Information for HE Students and Parents
Information for ACC Applicants
Information for ACC Students and Parents
Information for NCCI Apprentices
Information for NCCI Employers