Festival Food: A Guide

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‘As cheap as possible’ has always been the festival motto when preparing for your mud-ridden weekend of no sleep and amazing memories. Whether it’s travel or equipment, food or drink, here’s a few things you need to remember. Nothing heavy, expensive or refrigerated means you’re pretty limited when buying your meals to take to the field.

Yes, there are countless food stalls enticing you in with Nutella crepes, greasy burgers, salty chips & gravy and deep-fried churros. Unless your bank account is bursting at the seams and you can warrant buying meals like this three times a day for the duration of the festival – you need to accept defeat. Don’t get me wrong – treat yourself! If you’re craving something greasy and calorie ridden at 3am then go for it, but surely you don’t have money to burn several times a day? Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

If healthy eating is a big part of your life, it can feel almost impossible to maintain this diet at a festival while you sit and watch your friends demolish a deep pan pizza. Each. But there are certain foods you can take with you to keep you on your healthy streak!

Cereal is a big one, just eat your Weetabix Minis straight out of the box or Frosties if you want a sweet treat. Who needs milk? Wanting to keep up with your 5-a-day? Dried fruit will be your saviour in amongst all the sugary drinks and crisps you will most likely consume. We have saved the best until last. The solution to everything – oranges! When you get a cold, eat an orange; when you feel run down, eat an orange and when you need to feel refreshed at a festival, eat an orange.

Some semi-healthy suggestions would be ‘just add water’ porridge pots. These are such a lifesaver when it comes to actually wanting to feel full and be ready for your busy day ahead. Cereal bars or flapjack are also handy when you need a little boost in the crowds, especially the energy packed ones. A dark horse in the festival snack category is a bag of nuts, they are full of good fats and are surprisingly filling so why not give it a try?

For those of you who simply want to embrace the full-fat festival feeling there are so many food options to put in your basket. Bread being the number one go-to and crisps being the number two. Combined together into crisp sandwiches and you’ve got an absolute dream meal. However, you’ll also need as much energy as possible in order to stay strong in the mosh pits and maintain the mental capacity to find your tent at the end of the night so sweets and chocolate, just this once, are seen as beneficial to your health.

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