Get Prepped for Slam Dunk 2018

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It’s just one week until Slam Dunk Festival and the Access team are super excited to be heading down to Leeds for a full day celebrating both the newcomers and veterans of pop-punk!

Slam Dunk starts off this year’s festival season and we’ve got you covered with our tips on prepping for the big day.

There’s an app for that!
If you’re an iPhone or Android user, make sure that you get your band schedule sorted with the Slam Dunk app. Free to download, the app features all festival info you need, a map for finding your stages, social media updates and so much more!

Always pack a mac
It should be obvious by now that the British weather may not hold off just because a festival is going on – we know, selfish! Get yourselves a cheap, pac-a-mac which you can keep in your pocket or bag. Should the heavens open, you’ll alway be covered.

Eat and drink
We cannot stress how important it is to keep hydrated and eat during the day. Remember, big crowds and partying to your favourite bands will take it out of you. We know that festival snacks and drinks aren’t the cheapest, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Plan before you travel
Because Slam Dunk is a one day festival, make sure that you know exactly how you’re getting in and out of the grounds. Everybody underestimates just how busy a gig or festival is until it’s time to leave and a lot of people will all be heading the same way. Plan your journey home before you leave in the morning and always have a plan A, B and C.

On the 26th May, the Access social media channels will be filled with interviews, live set streams of your favourite bands and we’ll be catching up with the crowd. Make sure you’re following us on Insta, Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversations using the hashtag, #AccessSlamDunk on the day!

Check out the full Slam Dunk line-up

Slam Dunk Lineup 2018

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