Talking Insomnia62 With Jack Taylor

Jack Taylor Nerd Out Music

We caught up with Jack Taylor, AKA, The8thHawk from NerdOut! Music ahead of Insomnia62, to find out all about life as a YouTuber.

You’re going to be at Insomnia62, what are you looking forward to?
The interaction with fans is incredible there. It’s so easy and natural to run into content creators that i get to meet so many unique and talented people! Also retaining my crown as the undefeated Gang Beasts king!

How do you think Insomnia helps the gaming community in general?
Personally, I have met a ton of people that I have then gone on to collab with in the future on HUGE projects. Dan Bull, Meganyy just to name a few. I have also met people who have become my closest friends through Insomnia. It’s great for creating friendships and communities – Just generally bringing people together.

What game made you fall in love with gaming?
The fact there are so many games about – you can literally play any role you want and do it with people who enjoy a similar thing. Whether you’re playing FIFA and being a footballer or you’re playing Red Dead Redemption and being a cowboy, you know you’re playing it with thousands of other people who enjoy the same thing. It’s limitless.

What made you want to create YouTube videos?
I originally started creating YouTube videos to show my friends at school the crazy Call of Duty games I would get. Like 3 M.O.ABs in one game on Modern Warfare 3. Then I went on to Ninja Defusing and it made people laugh. I then fell in love with editing and it just became something I loved to do.

What Streamers / YouTubers inspire you?
YouTubers – Epic Rap Battles of History is a big one for me. I respect what they do so much. Streaming wise, it has to be the Fortnite community in general, Ninja, Dakotaz, CDNThe3rd. They’re all about helping each other and sharing the love which I feel sometimes gets lost in the industry

Can you tell us a bit about NerdOut!?
We make songs/raps about anything in nerd culture. Games, movies, superheroes. Whatever we feel passionate about really.

What opportunities have you had since working in this industry?
I’ve been able to travel the world. I’ve had the pleasure of flying out to events in America & Australia. This week I have a fan meet up in Amsterdam. I’ve shot a music video in Nashville and Ibiza. All this was just last year!

What advice do you have for people wanting to work in the streamer industry?
Whenever I get asked this question, I always say there are three main things you need.

Set yourself a budget to work with. It’s not a cheap industry to be in. You need games on preorder, capture cards, consoles, cameras, green screens, microphones. It all adds up.

Be consistent. Set yourself a schedule and stick to it. Upload at the same time on the same days so people know when to visit your channel. But also make sure you have a healthy balance between working and chilling.

Do what you love, not what gets you easy views. Too many times have I seen people get stuck doing videos they don’t want to do just because they get views. Like-minded people will come to your channel and watch the content you enjoy making. It just takes time.

What games are you playing at the moment?
Just like everyone else, obviously Fortnite. But I just picked up Sea of Thieves and I’m having a blast!
I recently got back into ARK too, which is dangerous for me as I have over 1,000 hours logged on that game.

What starter kit would you recommend for those wanting to pursue a streaming career?
Depending on your budget, either a Blue Snowball or a Blue Yeti microphone and a Logitech C920 webcam. Then just be yourself!

Have you got your tickets for Insomnia62 yet? Don’t forget, we’re holding a competition over on Twitter to win two day passes!