Meet the tutor

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Leigh Shields is a music tech master in his spare time, as well as our Music Tech Course Manager at Access Manchester.

Tell us a little bit about your background

I work professionally as a producer, DJ and remix artist. I have remixed for Pendulum, Modestep & The Autobots. I’ve released music on popular compilations and vinyl as well as touring Europe and the UK. I have also played some local festivals, including Summer Saturnalia and some wicked ones in Belgium like Dubstepic and Peer Pressure!

What have you been up to outside of work?

I have recently started 3 new projects. The first is Prjct Nu Bld which is a bass house project, we are releasing our next single on our own label Nu Bld Recordings and have just completed a remix for Cabinet of Millionaires which is due out next month! Second is Slavedrivers, heavy jump up orientated drum and bass – with a release coming up on Inna Rhythm, we are currently touring new material.  Finally, I have been working on a project called Emae, an upfront drum and bass outfit. Our next single has been signed by Formation Records, which is DJ SS’ label.  They are releasing their ‘25 Years of Formation’ album to celebrate their 25th birthday. Our track will be one of the songs featured on it.

What has been your favourite thing to work on with the students?

I like working on projects that the students would actually work on in the industry, such as creating sample packs and working on remixes. I have also enjoyed teaching them about live sound engineering as it prepares them for work in that environment.

What advice would you give to the students wanting to pursue a career in the creative industries?

You get out what you put in. This industry is competitive. It’s hard, so you need to be dedicated and apply all your time into learning your craft.

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