One to watch: Chanel McKenzie

‘Access has always provided me with opportunities to gain experience or learn something new’

Want to work with a label management company? Want to work behind the scenes of music videos? Well Chanel McKenzie has been there and done that.

Chanel currently studies Music Business in Norwich. ‘From a very young age, I have always been interested in music and as I’ve got older the business side has appealed to me more. When I found out about Access and what is has to offer, Music Business seemed like the perfect course for me’.

In the creative industries, work experience is key and Chanel has some impressive experience under her belt.

‘I worked with a label and management company EGA Music which were based in Island Records at Universal Music. I did some work experience back in 2015 and then I returned this year. I did so many cool things with EGA and met so many inspirational people. Due to them being a label and management company, it was interesting to experience two different areas within one company. I attended a Radio 1 Xtra’s Live Lounge session with Devlin and so much more!’

During Chanel’s time at EGA she attended the video shoot for Bossman Birdies single Walk the Walk. ‘It was very interesting experience for me. To see how a video is created and then see the finished product – it was all very fascinating’.

Chanel is also hoping to jump on board with our new partnership with Sundown Festival. ‘I’m looking to write a blog about ‘ones to watch’ for their website or socials’.

In 5 years Chanel wants to be ‘living the life’ in a job in the music industry that she loves. With an impressive portfolio behind her, we definitely think she is ‘one to watch’.

When asked what advice she would give to other students, she said, ‘I would say to take every opportunity they can. Always be up for learning new things and don’t stress too much about not knowing exactly what you want to do in the future. If you work hard, positive outcomes will follow – and that’s a fact!

Watch this space guys!