Reading and Leeds Festival: What We Know So Far

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Leeds Festival Blog

Reading and Leeds Festival is fast approaching – it’s time to start getting excited about what’s coming for you that summer weekend. Outfit planning, album listening and welly cleaning are due to commence in the next couple of weeks initiating the pre-festival feeling. To keep you up to date with all things Reading and Leeds we thought we’d talk to you about what we know so far.

Firstly, what everybody’s there for, the line up. We’ve been graced with hip-hop icon Kendrick Lamar alongside rock legends Kings of Leon, and Fall Out Boy headlining. As if that isn’t enough, we have appearances from Post Malone, Wolf Alice, The Courteeners and Skepta to look forward to. Nostalgic attendees have also been greatly considered with performances from old favourites, Panic at the Disco and Sum 41. For the pop fans coming this summer, Dua Lipa, Sigrid, and Annie Mac will all be there, which is something a little different for this festival. There’s something for everyone. You can find line up, clashes, and more information on the Reading & Leeds apps.

Secondly, we are going to be seeing something new in the campsite at Reading and Leeds Festival 2018. They have partnered with ‘Co-op’ meaning for the first time you can attend the festival and it’s not the end of the world if you forget to pack an essential. Scrounging off your friend for deodorant and toilet roll is now a thing of the past. You’ll be able to buy any essentials directly from the Co-op shop in the campsite whether its food/drink or toiletries/ponchos. They’ve got you covered.

There is another familiar face that has collaborated with the festival to make your journey there next level easy. Ride there in style with Uber whether there are a couple of you or 6 of you need to put together for an UbrXL. No cash needed and they pick you up in minutes. Probably just what you need for the way home as well after an entire weekend of fun!

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