Skynt Showcases

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SKYNT. The event that showcases the latest local talent, created and managed by Access Creative’s students. Skynt started with the idea of wanting to fulfill a place in the local music scene, which the business students found would be a great attribute to Norwich. Many live events were put on at the college itself; however they wanted to create something that they could do outside of college, as well as involving others who don’t attend Access.

With the first showcase in November 2017, Skynt has continued to build it’s reputation. The debut event was attended by around 30 people, with the second soaring to nearly 100 people. Skynt is on the tips of everyone’s tongues and the line-up continues to impress the public. Previous performers include artists ranging from Maya Law to Finn Doherty. Skynt will continue to have everyone talking and will continue to surpass everyone’s expectations.

With its cheap entry fee, consistently great acts and a night everyone’s talking about, Skynt looks to keep growing and growing.

Skynt showcases the first Thursday of every month at The Birdcage, Norwich. Entry is only £2. Due to certain circumstances, January’s Skynt is on Thursday 25th January (this is the last Thursday of the month). Performers include, Elly Bishop, The Love Club, Kate MB (Vaudevue), Becca Rose and Dlore. It is set to be a BIG night for Skynt.

For more info head to their Facebook. 

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