Top 6 Tips Of Being A Digital Marketer

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Digital is taking over. Want to get involved in the movement? Here are our top 6 tips for a successful digital marketer.

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Creation of Ideas

This is all about innovative thinking and uniqueness whether that’s for a campaign, slogan, content plan or partnership. You need to maintain a ‘there’s no limits’ attitude because that’s how the best ideas are generated. Imagine that money is no issue and anything is possible – what could you build with this in mind? How can you make everyone else’s digital content seem mainstream? From there, all you have to do is scale it down to what suits your budget. Start off with high expectations and then see what can be realistically achieved.

Keep it original. Steer away from copying other brands as this has a habit of creeping up on you. Online users are pretty ‘on it’ when they spot duplicated campaigns and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of that. They can be brutal.

Knowing the trends

Watching trends should really be like a hobby. Whether it’s regularly checking news sites, keeping up to date with what’s trending on Twitter or reading industry blogs. Staying in the know about what’s happening in the world is key when it comes to digital marketing as its fundamental to jump on these trends.

This could mean setting up Google Alerts to target relevant words that relate to your industry. It maybe useful to schedule a set amount of time each day to update yourself on what is happening in the world and see if your brand can get involved in it.


Writing is so important in digital marketing so a skill in this would be really beneficial. Whether it’s storytelling, humour, emotive or factual – you’ll be writing it all. When looking for digital marketing courses, jobs or apprenticeships, your writing will be evaluated straight away from the application form and CV. Make sure you are demonstrating your skills here as best you can in terms of vocabulary, spelling and grammar.

If you’re reading this and thinking ‘but I’m not a confident writer’ that’s okay. There are lots of things that you can do to help you improve your writing skills and begin feeling more comfortable about it. Maybe try and read a little more in your spare time, this can be blogs, books, whatever gets you hooked.

Passion and Enthusiasm

You’ve got to love what you do! Enthusiasm in a job based around digital marketing is key. You don’t want to be walking into a job everyday that you believe actually doesn’t suit you.

Having passion in your work definitely impacts the quality of it. If you put in that extra effort and care that little bit more than someone else – it sets you above the rest. It’s an innovative and exciting career choice, when you’re new to it, it may take a couple of weeks to get the hang of it and feel fully immersed in the digital world. Especially if you’re just starting out as a student, apprentice or graduate but don’t let that put you off.

Confidence in communication

There are different types of communication techniques when it comes to digital marketing and its good to master them all. A lot of it is screen-based therefore sending emails and instant messages does comprise of a lot of the communication in this field. However, there will definitely be instances where you will have to come out from behind your screen and engage in face-to-face networking. There will often be company meetings; marketing meetings and external networking through events and clients that you are expected to get involved in.

Having confidence in your communication skills is probably the most fundamental skill listed so far. Try your best to get yourself out to networking events and on the mailing lists to bridge useful future relationships.

Knowing your brand

If you don’t have this under your belt then you need to go back and treat this as step one in your career/thought process. Whether you’re working in an agency and you are expected to know multiple brands or whether your job role is based around a stand-alone company and you need to know the ‘ins and outs’ of that brand – it’s ALL useful information.

This means know their target audience, there could be more than one. Know their company values, know their message, know their colours, know their tone of voice, you could go on forever. Once you feel like you could pitch the company to anyone, then maybe you’re almost there.



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