Music Publishing Explained Part 2

Here’s Music Publishing Explained Part 2, breaking down music publishing, why it matters and what you need to know to get started. If you missed last week’s blog, get caught up here. Let’s jump straight back in.

What does a music publisher do?

So how can a music publisher help? Well, the main role of a music publisher is to make sure artists claim ALL of the money owed to them, from the three types of royalties discussed above. 

Music publishers are members of the right collection organisations and societies, which means artists don’t have to register themselves. Because while PRO’s and mechanical rights organizations may collect an artist’s royalties, they won’t necessarily take the time to make sure they get distributed to them justly. Classic.

The music publisher is like the middleman. The bodyguard for you & your royalties. It’s their job to register the artist with the right society, track down, audit, claim and dispute royalties on the artist’s behalf. 

Without a publisher, it’s almost impossible for an artist to track down 100% of royalties owed to them – for a number of reasons, including:

  • Human error

  • Music metadata issues

  • Disputed claims

  • International royalties outside your country/market

  • Just straight up fraud

That’s why it’s almost always better for an artist to get representation via a music publisher. Mainly because publishers have already-established relationships with performing rights organisations (PROs) and collection societies across the globe, as well as years of expertise sourcing royalty revenue. 

How to find a music publisher

If you’re on the hunt for a music publisher, look no further. You can sign up to Ditto Music right now to start claiming all of the royalties you’re owed.

Our leading team of experts will handle all the admin work and legal aspects when it comes to collecting publishing royalties globally. Including”

  • Registering your music with PROs & mechanical right collection societies worldwide

  • Tracking and collecting ALL performing & mechanical royalties across the globe

  • Pitching your music for sync placements & collecting sync royalties

Just like that – you’ve transformed from a music publishing novice into a fully fledged industry connoisseur. 

And that’s Music Publishing Explained Part 2 wrapped up! We hope you’ve enjoyed the advice here as much as we have. In even more amazing news, the guys over at Ditto have been nice enough to give our lucky readers an exclusive discount of 50% off publishing or distribution subscriptions with the code ACCESS50!  Visit their website to use the discount code and get further information on music publishing. 

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