National Technology Day 2021: Computing and technology for the next generation

Technology is at the forefront of human development. Throughout our history, we have found new ways to use the tools and resources available to make our lives easier, faster and more informed.

In recent years, with the creation of digital technology, the rate at which we’ve developed has leapt forward and now the internet, phones, computers, game consoles and tablets and other devices are critical to a more connected world. Digital technology has had a huge impact on everything from healthcare to food and nutrition to the creative industries, and the opportunities are literally limitless.

The way we interact with this equipment and software has changed as well. User interfaces make understanding and using digital tech easier, faster and more accessible to all. Digital effects push the boundaries of what filmmakers can achieve, turning ideas that would be impossible to film into a visible, tangible part of a film or TV show that pulls audiences deeper into the story-telling. Gaming has changed from one or two people sat around the TV with controllers to a globally connected, groundbreaking industry creating huge, highly polished experiences using new technologies such as VR and augmented reality. Gaming has even become a sport, creating a secondary industry in it’s own right that is expected to be worth over $1 billion by 2023.

As each year passes, we create things that even a decade ago seemed impossible and there’s never been a more exciting time to jump in and get involved. Developing new talent is a key part of what we do. Whether you’re interested in creating clever new user interfaces, incredible websites and jaw-dropping digital effects, developing innovative software for a variety of uses, creating the next AAA blockbuster game or leading an eSports team to the global domination, we’ve got you covered.

From Software Development and Creative Computing, to Games Development and eSports Management, our courses are led by industry experts with years of experience, paired with the latest professional equipment to get you ready to create the future technologies that will change the world. Create, innovate and lead the way on the next phase of the technological future with Access Creative College. Head over to our course directory to learn more.