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16-18 Virtual Open Day | Thursday 23rd July 2020 | Time depending on session

After the success of our last Virtual Open Day, we wanted to go one step further. We know that coming to college and moving on from school might be daunting, but we can provide you with a glimpse of college life and all things creative at ACC. 

We also want to give you a full insight into the area you want to study, with talks from the experts in their creative industries area, who will be one of the people building the pathway between you and the industry. Tune in to find out all about your chosen course, the exciting projects you will be working on and what doors it will open for you. 

Whether it’s Music and Events, Music Technology, Games or Media, sign up below and find out all about how we could be the perfect fit for you.

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    *Please note that our York campus only offers music courses. Our Lincoln campus only offers Music and Games courses